Monday, April 13, 2009

A little digging into old graves turns up some interesting bones

Blogger extraordinaire, Mrs. Gadbois, found this potential bombshell on Thaddeus Matthews blog from 2007:

Is New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Tied To Corruption In Memphis?

if you get my message i had dealings with dennis churchwell he bragged about having everyone on his leash he said he asked ray nagen at a fund raiser in memphis if he could get the mayor reelected in new orleans would he be able to get loads of the contracts in neworleans he said ray naygen asked him can you do that churchwell said of corse churchwell told me he had a lot of busses to haul in voters and lots of connection with the voting machines he also told me he donated 100,000.00 to ray nagens campaign by gifting 5,000.00 to his employees names into the campaign he said you could look in the paper at the campaign donations his employeeshad 20 / 5,000.00 donations the only donations over 1,000.00 he said were his 100,000.00 bribe to the mayor legally he said because he gifted it to his employees they donated it to nagens campaign he was always blowing what he had on someone else it was usually money he said the whorlley brothers cheated him out of millions in new orleans crushing cars they were going to have to pay him his share or he was going to go reposes some equipment he sold them for 100,000.00 cash they didnt get a reciept from him they were all beating the gov. on cash deals i rode with dennis to neworleans we went to a dodge dealer there he delt with a mike kamiskie dodge dealer owner they were bidding on contracts there at the city office they said there wasent any thing to worry about if they didnt have it wright ray nagen had to sign the bids before they were excepted thats where dinnis said his 100,000.00 dollar donation came in all contracts were oked by the mayor thats when they get to change the contracts they had me help them with some prices that day

Holy shit, Batman!

Now I don't know if this is true but there are certainly a lot of leads to follow in the complete post to find out if the information checks out.

As for the election fraud claim....well....I've been looking into that as well. It is in fact the Manhattan project I've been dangling around. I haven't mentioned it because it was such an outrageous claim that I wanted to have solid proof of it before I even suggested it. Well...this isn't solid proof of anything...but I can tell you that after digging into it for the past 5 months....I truly believe SOMETHING happened.

Before I go here, don't send me any comments criticizing my journalistic ethos....this is a blog and this is what blogs are good for....airing shit out.

NONE of the following statements are verified and they should be viewed as speculation:

I was informed that there is solid evidence out there of voting fraud during our last mayoral election in the form of electronic data on hard drives which was discovered during a forensic audit on City Hall computers. This audit was reportedly conducted by a federal entity.

I was also informed that there was an illegal raid conducted in Jefferson Parish by NOPD officers (out of their jurisdiction) who were trying to confiscate that evidence from one of the forensic computer experts who conducted the audit. The man and his family were supposedly held at gunpoint by NOPD officers while every computer in his house was extracted. It is unclear who ordered this raid. Supposedly, the man immediately reported the incident to the federal entity he was working for and the said entity immediately ordered all the computers returned.

Now once again...this is not verified. I have tried like hell to verify it from the source...the forensic computer expert himself...but I have been unsuccessful. IT COULD ALL BE BULLSHIT....but for the record, I don't believe it is. The fraud supposedly took place at the satellite voting booths which were set up in other cities during Katrina. Matthews' post immediately set off bells and whistles when I read it, as it somewhat verifies the rumor.

There it is....chew on it for a while and get back to me.


E said...

that's quite the bombshell. obviously, and this is with everything in the e-maelstrom, is how do you prove it in a court of law? especially if one wasn't on top of things early enough to jump in between the document and the paper shredder.

vern51 said...


My mouth just fell open when I read this!!!

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt that the forensic expert was allowed to keep any evidence in his personal domain. That just doesn't pass the smell test of common sense investigative procedure.
"Who's to say the evidence wasn't tampered with while in the possesion of Expert X?"

Jason Brad Berry said...

The information at his house had already been turned over to the federal entity....he had just backed it up. I know it still seems strange but I have to tell you I think its real.

jeffrey said...

The problem I have with the whole notion of a "fixed" election here is the fact that it seems so unnecessary. The results really weren't very close and they weren't going to be. The whole endeavor strikes me as too low of a risk/benefit scenario for me to believe anyone would seriously get that far into it.

Anonymous said...

This is a diagram:

Nagin -> Emails -> Contracts ($$$) -> Morial / Jefferson -> Votes in Central City ($$$) -> Nagin {And Repeat}

And compare

Transparency Efforts + Stacy Head Inquiries & Efforts to defeat them.

Is the bell going off for anyone yet?

Anonymous said...

This would seem in-line with what I was told by a sitting senior councilmember a year ago. They were counting fax votes with no authentication which skewed the voting results.

Jason Brad Berry said...


The election was 52% to was very close.

Nagin received 59,460 while Landrieu totaled 54,131....a little over 5000 votes separated them out of 113,591 votes cast. It's certainly with in the realm of possibility.

But once again...I don't have any proof. But from the sources I've talked to....I think something went down.

jeffrey said...

That's not actually very close.

Jason Brad Berry said... about close enough for rock n' roll?

jeffrey said...

Less than 1000 votes

Jason Brad Berry said...

alright....but I'm still sticking to my guns on this.

Clancy DuBos said...

Dambala and Jeffrey,

Forget the definition of "close." If the election was "stolen" in the out-of-town precincts, the results from those precincts would be skewed more heavily in Nagin's favor. They weren't. In fact, Nagin beat Landrieu worse in "local" precinct returns (i.e., votes actually cast in N.O. on Election Day) than he did in the out-of-town returns. I recall remarking the night of the election on TV that the out-of-town returns were almost a dead-heat between Nagin and Landrieu. They split the 24,000 or so "out of town" ballots almost right down the middle. Nagin actually won the election in N.O., which is interesting because he seemed to do more out-of-town campaigning (among displaced voters in Houston in particular) than Landrieu did. Thus, the notion that the election was stolen by rigging out-of-town returns just doesn't seem to square with the actual returns.

Anonymous said...

Go Karen!!

Anonymous said...

Backups or no, that is way out of SOP for any information technology professional, especially when it deals with sensitive data. Feds wouldn't do something like that, too big a risk for an airtight case.