Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Voting Fraud Rumor # 2

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This would seem in-line with what I was told by a sitting senior councilmember a year ago. They were counting fax votes with no authentication which skewed the voting results.


Anonymous said...

It does not take much effort to look into the precinct by precinct returns for the past few elections to see that the worst damaged and lowest rebuilt areas of the 9th ward have more "voters" living in them than undamaged areas in other parts of the city.
Something is very fishy..
Can we get Jimmy Carter to oversee our next mayoral election?

Anonymous said...

faxed????? I had to present my driver's license to vote!!!

Anonymous said...

Has it occurred to anyone that Mitch Landrieu never challenged any of these results? that does not mean that nothing below board was going on.

It is entirely possible that Mitch Landrieu had his own machinations going on. Yes, it's possible. Also, I am not fully convinced that Mitch (lord love him) was all as benficent as some might believe. He undercut the Forman campaign - I'm not saying they both couldn't run, but it sure looked like Landrieu kept waiting and waiting an Forman would not be getting unless Forman did not. Then Forman got in, *then* Landrieu got in. - Something similar happened with Nagin edging out Irons in Nagin's first election. gee, wasn't he the reform candidate that just swamped out that other reform candidate?

Landrieu in one debate actually said he was against the IG because such an office impinged on the powers of the mayor and that after all he would be an "ethical mayor." Mitch could also hardly bring himself to admit there was a real problem with corruption in New Orleans government.

I kind of have a theory that the political powers that be in this town learned some time ago that they could cover their bets by not just having one candidate being their flag bearer but instead also securing the runner-up position.

Wrere these real choices?: Nagin vs. Landrieu? Nagin vs. Pennington? Barthelemy vs Jefferson?

I know Mitch would have been a better mayor than Nagin (I voted for Mitch). But the feds have gotten so far up into the warren's nest of corruption under Nagin that it is really remarkable. The last few weeks alone have been incredible. Maybe in some screwed up, bizarre way, if the feds go all the way on this, and considering how agitated the people and motivated the Council have become, the City's efforts at reform may have actually advanced more under Nagin. If it all works out.