Monday, May 11, 2009

Backtracking once again

Just wanted to point out that about...oh...I'd say....5 previous posts ago.....I referred to the jet which Meffert, Nagin, and their benefactors flew to Chicago and Las Vegas on as a Lear G4.

Being a hillbilly who knows little about private aircraft, I made the fatal mistake of assigning a Lear title to the G4 when in fact the G4 is a Gulfstream model.  

The difference?

A Lear 45 seats a measly 7 occupants while the Gulfstream G4 houses 12 to 19 passengers....I guess that's clothing dependent.  Not sure if there's a stripper pole on board solch Tony Stark, but I would imagine there was plenty of room for ecdysiasts in a fuselage that large.

this blogging thing really bears one's ignorance.  

The Lear 45

Gulfstream G4


Clancy DuBos said...

Focus, Grasshopper.
Follow the money.

Anonymous said...

Clancy is right. Follow the money. Don't forget about that infamous night on the boat.

Mojofearless said...

I agree. Would be interesting to know how well St. Pierre was compensated, for starters. I wouldn't be surprised if Meffert raked in more as far as credit card expenses.
Also, if you were a crooked mayor taking kickbacks, where would you direct folks to kick said money? In whose name?

Anonymous said...

Have you talked to the people that did not get the contracts? Have you asked Bernardo how much it used to cost to have dinner with the mayor. When the mayor wanted to talk to you, at his invitation.

Jason Brad Berry said...

It cost Bernardo $500 bucks and and an eight ball.

Anonymous said...

just a heads up, ex mandeville public works director joe mistich and ex st tammany council prez joe impastato are to be sentenced today for shaking down storm debris contractors after katrina. i found it funny that the company installing crime cameras in st tammany public schools is led by joe mistich.

Anonymous said...

mistich got 5 years probation. must have given up some good dope.

Anonymous said...

wrong, dinner costs 2,500.00 at the mayors choice of restaurant a few years ago.

Everyone is telling you, follow the money.

Berbardo is not just a coke raddled asshole and you are not seeing the trees for the forest.

Go back and take a second look at the cars removed from New Orleans contract again.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Jesus dude..I am doing the best I can and the Bernardo snark was just off the cuff.

I have been trying to dig into the Car removal contract behind the scenes and the Churchwell connection in Memphis. I know that's huge but I'm doing the best i can. I'm not a newsroom....i'm just a blogger.

And if you know something about Bernardo's role...then for god's sake tell me. Just tell me what I'm missing.

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