Monday, May 18, 2009

Bowling Pin knocks down who?

I'm thinking maybe he bitch slapped the guy who lost all Nagin's emails.  Or maybe he ran into Muppet at Visions....word is that Meffert can't afford Jimmy Goodson's (his former "bodygaurd") 150k salary anymore cause he's gotta foot Randy Smith's payroll now.

Also, looks like the city gets to host Michael Dell. 

Maybe we can show him around and see if he'd be interested in doing anymore business here....since it worked out so well for him and all.  Thanks guys... for creating that productive business climate you kept touting at the beginning of your administration.  Looks like its worked out really well.....forcing CEO's of Fortune 500 companies into court appearances to sue the shit out of them after you got caught in a multi-million dollar scam.  Yeah...that just sends the message out loud and clear, "Do business with us!"  Once again Ray's done a great job of keeping the brand out there.

Wow...we're off to an interesting start this week.  Here's a couple of developments to watch for...Zombie predictions if you will:

1.  A second civil lawsuit will be filed surrounding Meffert and peeps.

2.  We will find out that Meffert footed the bill to do some renovations on Ray Ray's house. Which, incidentally, is right next to Meffert's.  I'm guessing it transpired something like this:

Muppet:  "Ray...looks like you need a new coat of paint...let me take care of that for you."

Ray:  "How you gonna do that Whiz?  You're a hi-tech computer're not a contractor."

Muppet:  "Ray...Ray....when it comes to public funds, I'm all things to everyone.  Travel agent, nude talent scout, boat captain, video surveillance expert, interactive kiosk developer,  RNC operative, deputy mayor, former CIA agent (yes he claimed that), and believe it or not...even a contractor. Shit Ray...I got ya covered don't even have to think....more don't have to remember...anything....get it?" 

Maybe the next lawsuit will be Ray suing Meffert.  He'll claim that Muppet hypnotized him into accepting all these gifts, then erased his memory, making him forget who paid for it all.

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#TheLion said...

Hey Ashe, would you like the Earthlink specs so you can see how after cooking the books, (after losing 52 million (the actual GRANT that they recieved from the feds) which was shown as depreciation over 3 years, all the systems were sold or dismantled to Rid "Earthflunk" of their losses).

How do you sell something that was given to you, and especially if it is so worthless?

Oh and why would Misfort want to buy it all for Baton Rouge?

I was told that by Trey Huffman, google that.

read my small yet eventful Blog, I was getting this system "GIFTED" to N. O. all Anthony needed to do was say hey thanks Earthflunk