Friday, May 01, 2009

A Strategy for Ray

"There's nothing that the mayor of New Orleans has done wrong, " Nagin said. "I'm not concerned about it at all. I'm really not."

I really think Nagin may be suffering a schizoid break.  He's referring to himself in second person.  Maybe that's because he's incapable of accepting responsibility for anything so he's dumping off the illegalities on "the mayor".  I seriously think that may be what's running throug his mind.

So if he actually faces charges....maybe he can plead insanity.  He can't remember anything, including the fact that he didn't need to buy a ticket to Chicago because he was flying on a fucking,  private G4 Lear Jet provided by a contractor who was receiving millions and millions in no-bid contracts from him.  You must truly be insane if you don't remember that you flew on a private Lear.  I can see maybe Amy Winehouse forgetting that....but Ray...not so much.

I really think this is going to play out as one of the most bizarre spectacles in the history of the city.



Anonymous said...

Interesting move.

All the liability's with Meffert then as the real owner and true party in interest, right?

And St. Pierre is now likely cooperating with the plaintiffs?

On the Nagin interview, did anyone notice how he tried to pretend that all of the emails had been recovered? Does he really believe that? No way, but he really believes that people will believe it because he says so.

Clay said...

Couple of things to note:

Mark St. Pierre dropped from suit. Did he just turn snitch?

Big cover story about Nagin/Meffert and the trips and credit cards. Lots of details about strip clubs.

Nagin tries to hide 2008 meetings with Meffert and Bernardo? I get hiding the Muppet meetings, but why Bernardo? Was Bernardo delivering the mayor some Colombian nose powder or something?

ATS, linked to the infamous Johnson Controls (Morial/Pampy Barre energy contract), runs part of the red light cameras.

Anonymous said...

Appropos of the return of Randall Moore via ATS

10/1/08: Meeting with Cesar Burgos on the "Veola" contract. Why does sound like a redux of the Morial contract with his unclde & Metro with the RTA? A "consulting" firm to "manage" RTA???

Why is Burgos head of RTA? Why? He has no prior tramsportation experience. No prior experience in government either. And why does RTA need a management contract for it? How much is it for? Do they mean "Veolia"?

This is the same guy that was delivered the City Annex, a whole block of commerical property on Canal Street (and who done nothing with it since to boot)? The same guy who just got handed the Plaza mall property? Why is anyone in NO government allowed to buy property from NO government, especially for a song?

"Nagin claimed a personal exemption for an Oct. 6 meeting with political analyst Silas Lee and his chief administrative officer, Dr. Brenda Hatfield. Lee, who was paid $15,500 by Nagin’s campaign fund last year for market research and polling, said the meeting was about the presidential election."

Is it too much to ask that the news stations ask all these consultants to reveal who they work for in advance, and that the stations reveal that info when they interview them, or is it all just viewer beware?

Anonymous said...

Notably missing from this report on the Veolia contract: the total estimated value or cost to the City:

8/18/08: noted former Edwin Edwards and Jim Brown friend and lobbyist CJ Blache part of Veolia meeting. Nagin also meets with him, by himself, 7/29/08, on the "corner of Josephine and Coliseum." 2/11/08 Nagin meets with just Blache and Augustine (from NO, formerly in RTA, and now with Veolia), no Burgos needed apparently. Blache may be the city's lobbyist.

It's also seeing his meetings/lunches with (besides Meffert): Cleo Fields, Jim Singleton, Sidney Barthelemy, Ed Murray, John Georges, David Sherman, Roy Glapion, The UN Special Reporter on Racism Douddou Diene (5/30/08), and a sheik from Qatar.