Thursday, May 28, 2009

Zombie desires exposed

Ok, since someone who is way too close to me exposed my single, greatest, material desire at the moment.....I'll come clean.

Even more than this:

I'm really jonesin' for this:

But I DID NOT purposely crack my current driver.

Whoever you are....why you wanna punk a playa's game like that?

Oh yeah...Voodoo ain't Buddhism, contrary to many folks' opinion. 

Desire is an accepted and necessary part of the human experience in Yoruba Cosmology.

To that extent I would comment...the Buddhists have given us nothing.

Unless of course you're a Buddhist who wants to give me this driver :)


TravelingMermaid said...

Black line thingy ain't workin for me, hon.

Jason Brad Berry said...

which black line?

Anonymous said...

She's referring to the cue stick=me thinks!