Monday, June 08, 2009

Blogger formatting snafu's

I recently updated my blog template and it screwed up a lot of stuff on the blog...namely it selectively kicked out some of my links. Very strange....but if I'm not linking to you and you want me to please send me an e-mail and I will rectify it asap. Thanks.

I typed that on a handheld...please forgive.


Bigezbear said...

As someone who has often fiddled with his template (pardon my French), I share your pangs. Updating a Blogger page will always wipe out all peripheral content. You did nothing wrong. You simply have to start all over from scratch. Have fun.

Jason Brad Berry said...

i guess free=quirky

Anonymous said...

Where is the commentary on this article? Read Hammer's article carefully and you will see the Feds are all over Baton Rouge. Indictments should be forthcoming there as well.