Sunday, June 14, 2009

Don Muppet

The more I read about Jimmy Goodson, Meffert's bodyguard, the more I think Meffert is delusional.  I think he was starting to think of himself as some kind of Mafia Don:

Associate of City Hall vendor paid bill for Nagin lawn care

Records show Goodson formed Custom Transportation Management in May 2005, about three months before Katrina. The next month, he quit his job as a welding instructor at Louisiana Technical College. About the same time, Meffert wrote St. Pierre in an e-mail message: "Guess I may need Jimmy's protection after all."

I actually agree with Muppet on this matter.  If you could see some of the hate mail I get against him from all the people he's apparently screwed, I think its a prudent decision on his part to use a bodyguard. 

As for Nagin, its interesting to see the pattern he was following in allowing St. Pierre to be his life manager and benefactor.  Getting his landscaping done isn't that big of a deal but I have no doubt there's more to come....we just have to wait for the TP to get to the right people.


Anonymous said...

Is it the TP that is uncovering stuff like this? I would hope the feds would have all of this figured out before the TP did. I hope the Feds are doing their homework.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, I get more of an impression that the TP is following this blog rather than the other way around.

Anonymous said...

I would say that the Times Picayune has been on this story for a very long time and has a lot more information than even this Dambala has. They are in the business of selling newspapers so shooting their wad at one time would be foolish but shooting it twice a week would be a brilliant business move. They have a lot more and a lot more explosive stuff that hasn't been mentioned on this site believe it or not.

The Feds are tracking both the Times Pic & the American Zombie to help in thier investigation.

Jason Brad Berry said...

So just for the record....The TP is n the story and has information I don't have. I have information they don't have as well.

I am not in a pissing contest with them or any other MSM publication. I have willingly shared tremendous amounts of information with many different MSM resources....some of it accurate some of it turned out to be not so accurate.

I am no way comparable to a fully staffed News organization and I don't aspire to be that. Being a blog, I have the opportunity to publish things the TP can' I view this blog as somewhat of a testing ground for information. Call it a rumor mill...but I do try to sift out the outrageous claims and stuff which I don't think is true or relevant.

I think this blog is an added asset to the MSM...that's pretty much it.

However, if I can toot my own horn for a second....I have "broke" many, many stories before the TP or any other news org. Even if they won't admit it. Namely the Crime Camera case itself....I first wrote about it some 3 weeks before the TP ever published something was awry. Add 311, interoperability (which i spent a lot of time on and did some extensive research), and much of the Benetech, HSOA matters....including the recent Churchwell connection for the car removal contract which no MSM outlet has even touched as of yet.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Oh and incidentally....I think there's a reason they won't touch the Churchwell connection. Because there's an intermediate player which is much bigger and more dangerous than just your average corrupt politicians.

Plus they won't touch the voting fraud claims in the 06's just too conspiratorial for them, but I am convinced the story is real. Churchwell himself claimed to have helped rig the election.

Anonymous said...

Having worked in news in this city from 1996 to 2005, including a stint as a lowly rim editor at the TP (a job I adored, BTW), I can say unequivocally that Dambala's brand of "frontier journalism" is immensely satisfying. As he has said, it's a blog, and you read it with a critical eye. In some cases, he's wrong. More often than not, he's dead on. And I continue to be impressed and excited by the thoroughness of his research and his dedication to uncovering the story. Unencumbered by the need to vet till it hurts, and unrestrained by the paranoia  of advertisers, he breaks ground. A -friggin - men.

Anonymous said...

Churchwell is connected to two local businessmen named George Chin and Egbert Ming. According to state campaign finance records, these two appear to have provided the additional $20,000 to Nagin's campaign in May, 2006 in addition to the $80,000 that Churchwell's Tennessee folks kicked in, for a total of $100,000. Their donations were made within a day of Churchwell's.

Chin and Ming own the buildings at 3500 and 3600 St Charles. There's a lot of connections that flow outward from there, along with their many, many businesses (check them out on the Louisiana Secretary of State site). One of the businesses located there is JNE Enterprises (it's in 3500), which has received millions in FEMA-funded City of New Orleans largesse as the city's Tactical Trash Force contractor.

One of the less obvious connections to Churchwell (but a key one) is that Chin is an owner of Orleans Dodge in NO East. This can be found by googling and getting to here:

Orleans Dodge is the dealer that was hooked up with Churchwell's company (Mid-South Auction & Real Estate Co.) that was domiciled in 3500 St Charles. In fact, it was domiciled in the same office as JNE Enterprises - Suite 204.

The firmest connection is through another company, Global Environmental Recycling, which was domiciled at 3600 St Charles (i.e. Chin & Ming). It lists Orleans Dodge (i.e. Chin) and Mid-South Auction (i.e. Churchwell) as members.

This isn't directly related, but at one time, Chin and Ming did business with Alvarez Ferrouilet. Ferrouilet was convicted in a scheme to illegally launder campaign contributions to Henry Espy, brother of Clinton Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy. Ferrouilet and his co-conspirators were pardoned by Clinton in 2001.

Finally,keep an eye on this:

The home (and the one next door) is owned by the Chin family (specifically George Chin's brother Walter), and both have a demolition applications pending. The contractor on the permits is Back Home Construction, owned by George Chin and Egbert Ming. The demolitions have been denied twice before.

The properties are apparently the bequest of their father, Gin Sing Chin, who died last year (Gin S Chin is listed as the owner in the assessor's database):

It is possible George Chin is having cash flow problems. Orleans Dodge is one of the Chrysler dealers that lost its franchise agreement this month. The demolition permit applications appeared around the same time as that announcement.

Jason Brad Berry said...


Thank you for the accolades...that actually means a lot to me coming from someone who worked in the journalism field.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely kidding me:


Type Entity: Business Corporation

Status: Active

Annual Report Status: In Good Standing Add Certificate of Good Standing to Shopping Cart

2009 Annual Report is required at this time Print Annual Report Form For Filing

Mailing Address: 1631 ELYSIAN FIELDS AVE. #152, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70117

Domicile Address: 1631 ELYSIAN FIELDS AVE. #152, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70117

File Date: 06/13/2008

Registered Agent (Appointed 6/13/2008): NATIONAL REGISTERED AGENTS, INC., 1011 N. CAUSEWAY BLVD., STE. 3, MANDEVILLE, LA 70471


The same address as Tracie Washington, Ike Spears & Co., 1631 Elysian Fields.

--- And by the way what is the "NOPD 10 Point Hunting Club"?

--- And there's this: >Acting U.S. Attorney Lawrence G. Brown said he asked the FBI's Sacramento division to determine whether e-mails written by Johnson were deleted during the earlier investigation.

Allegations that e-mails may have been destroyed were disclosed in an April resignation letter from the group's former executive director, which was obtained by The Sacramento Bee.

Brown said he would not discuss the details of the current investigation.

In his resignation letter, Rick Maya said a member of the charter schools' board deleted Johnson's e-mails while the academy was under federal subpoena for misspending money it had received under the AmeriCorps program.<

Man, what a blog.