Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Good Cop? Bad Cop?

Anyone remember this story?

State Police to investigate missing evidence cash

Well a state legislative audit was conducted and the results are forthcoming. Turns out there is much, much more missing than just a measly 9k....and the audit only covered a single year.

The kicker is that there were multiple incidents. Chief Warren Riley was aware of this issue and never reported it to the District Attorney....that's illegal.

I used to be on the fence with Riley....now I'm not so sure. Why would he conceal this?


dsb said...

On the fence about Riley? What have been his redeeming qualities?

Anonymous said...

I suspect he means on the fence as to whether Riley was actively corrupt or, as my favorite Cracker Barrel IQ test likes to call me, an "Just Plain Dumb."

Anonymous said...

Don't look now but there are approximately 6 FBI agents & 2 US Attorneys who have been at city hall since Monday. Their mission to retrieve all information that was deleted off the servers for key personnel.

Surprised the press hasn't dropped the nickle on this yet.

Clay said...

$200,000 missing.


Clay said...

Correction: $200K and counting

Jason Brad Berry said...

Correction on correction: they're not really counting it. They don't want to do that.