Thursday, June 04, 2009

This may have been the stupidest move in the history of legal defense

Former tech director states innocence day before grand jury testimony

You've got to be fucking kidding me. Jesus Christ. This was even worse than I thought it would be.

Now I know why Burns let him hold a press conference.....Burns told him to. I would bet my ass on it.

This whole thing was nothing more than grandstanding on the part of Lon Burns. It was a chance for him to get on the expense of his client. Unbelievable.

Anthony...for Legba's sake , Burns right now. I used to feel sorry for you but you just keep digging yourself into the fucking grave. You are not an elected official....the public doesn't give a shit who you are or what your reputation is, capiche? You had absolutely NOTHING to gain by holding this press conference. All you did, most likely, is successfully piss off the U.S. Attorney General's office by allowing your lawyer to make baseless conspiracy threats. Jesus fudged a fucking contract....that's cut and dry. Its even more cut and dry than proving racketeering charges against Meffert, St. Pierre and possibly know....the three stooges who set you up for the fall?

And Burns....unbelievable....

"What you're going to learn is when Mr. Jones got into that department and started to cut out certain contractors, certain people were let go, laid off, terminated from their positions with the technology department, certain elected officials started to go after Mr. Jones, make certain public request records," said Burns.


Certain elected officials being who, Lon? Stacy Head? You're going to try and create a conspiracy theory that Stacy Head was trying to protect Active Solutions and Southern Electronics contract, which was already completely fucked by Mark Kurt, Jones' predecessor? You've got to be fucking kidding me. How does that any fucking your client?

Newsflash man: HE FALSIFIED A FUCKING CONTRACT it again.....let it sink in....

Even if your conspiracy theory is true....which I can absolutely assure you it isn' does it help your client to do this? It doesn't doesn' any way.

"You know what you're going to find out that's interesting, a lot of those persons who came after Mr. Jones were also receiving campaign contributions from a lot of the very contractors who were supposed to provide the crime-camera system," said Burns.'s interesting. BUT ITS NOT ILLEGAL. Active Solutions donated to Head's campaign? Big frikkin' deal. Meffert, St. Pierre, Aaron Bennett, Frank Fradella, Dennis Churchwell (over 80k) all donated to Nagin's campaign....but guess what....thats not illegal (with the exception of possibly Churchwell).

Burns...are you race baiting? I mean I really can't imagine what you're hoping to accomplish? Stacy Head is not Anthony Jones' enemy.....Greg Meffert and Ray Nagin are. Are you going to stand in front of a jury and claim that Jones was forced to falsify a multi-million dollar contract because a city council member had it in for him? Seriously....what the fuck is your defense? If you're playing to the court of public've totally screwed your client.


Anonymous said...

You bastard, I was writing an incredible rant but you pretty much stole all of my thunder.

What cracks me up is they think this has anything to do with public opinion, it doesn't, not even in the slightest. Even if you are dumb enough to take it to a jury trial, which would be even dumber, you BROKE THE F-ING LAW ANTHONY!!!!!!!

With your 22 years of experience, you are expected to know that and guess what - ignorance of the law does not exonerate you from being held in judgment. So even if you are a complete dumbass, there are not laws for people that know it and for people that do not.


Anonymous said...

I'm hearing that the elected official WAS NOT Stacy Head. It was directed towards a political "DYNASTY" member of our esteemed council.

Anonymous said...

Who does such a maneuver profit? Ray Nagin. It certainly falls in line with the current line of defense by Nagin, Riley, WBOK, Veronica White, Tracie Washington, the Jeffersons, et al, that this is really just one big power move. Thing is Jones, as you say, is not a politician; maybe he hopes to keep his job by throwing up a big smoke screen (well, he thinks that's what it is, it's actually a big gas cloud), but he will get rolled and the real pols will let him. Though maybe at this point maybe Team Nagin is telling him to close ranks and they'll take care of him. Still, I have no idea how Burns can possibly reasonably telling him he has any chance of getting out of this; maybe Jones just wants to believe. Maybe they all really thought Letten wouldn't keep the gig and that was Plan A.

mominem said...

Thank you for using readable colors.

There are many legitimate explanations why any number of elected officials might want to talk to AJ. Oversight and constituent service to name just two.

Jason Brad Berry said...


I am quite sure...very sure...that he's referring to Stacy Head. Stacy was the one who vigorously pursued the crime cam issue...and she's become the primary whipping post for any race baiting strategy, i.e. Tracie Washington. He's going to try and make the claim that because Active Solutions owner made a campaign contribution to Head.....that she was trying to serve special interests by exposing the wrong doing in this contract. Its quite pathetic.....and more importantly its not going to help Jones in any way.

oludumare said...

maybe he has immunity - he was definitely in a position to bargain for it

Jason Brad Berry said...

I hope that's exactly what happened...but I don't think that is the case.

Anonymous said...

Its offiical the FBI and US Attorney investigation has expanded to Baton Rouge and several city officials, including CTO Don Evans, Mayor Kip Holden, and several others. Don Evans was taking bribes.

Anonymous said...

See this post - Mayor quarantined in China for Swine Flu - how appropriate:

Anonymous said...

Interesting developments today so CTO of BR Don Evans took bribes its announced in the Times Picayune and now Ray Nagin is quarantined in China for swine-flu.

"Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered"

BR officials are scrambling right now because they now realize that people are going to jail including some in the Mayor's inner circle for accepting bribes & kickbacks with regards to technology contracts which make up 58% of the BR city budget for 2008.