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Ellis and his

Judging by my Statcounter numbers I believe I touched a nerve in the previous post.

This comment is of note:

- Another story about Ellis last year - he showed up at an IG organizational and support meeting for Cerasoli (who was not there) one time. In a (small) room full of supporters for Cerasoli trying to figure out how to help him this guy voiced criticisms of the office and the supporters and walked out saying it was a scam. Really odd, screwey little guy is how he seemed to me. What the heck was he doing there besides, I guess, spying and reporting back (he pretty much said as much, he told everyone he was a city attorney).

What makes this interesting is that I was told Ellis had a posse that would follow former Inspector General Cerasoli around to public forums in an attempt to punk him out and discredit him. Witnesses at the meetings say multiple people, i.e., a Tulane law student lacky (would love to find that little bitches name) and other sycophantic asswipes loyal to Ellis would hurl insults and falsehoods in the meeting in an attempt to discredit the IG and his office.

What's shaping up here is a Nagin mafia which may make the Morial crew look pale in comparison. No wonder Cerasoli was requesting that his office be armed....he was being stalked by Ellis and his little, fuckstick posse.

I may have to put a call into Mr. Cerasoli and ask him about this.

Also...not only does his wife, Daya Naef, work for Fradella and HSOA...she's the registered agent for Picke construction:

She's the registered agent (with the mailing address the same as her office address) on the Louisiana SOS record for Picke Construction Co, the current name of Home Solutions Restorations of Louisiana:



Mailing Address: C/O DAYA J. NAEF, 1340 POYDRAS ST., #1800, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70112

Domicile Address: 1340 POYDRAS ST., STE. 1800, NEW ORLEANS, LA 70112

Here's her info from the Louisiana Bar Association:

Ms. Daya Jennifer Naef
Primary Address: 1340 Poydras St Ste 1800
City: New Orleans

She's also hooked into "Associated Contractors," with Picke Construction as a member, at the same address:


Anonymous said...

(Same Anon guy)

Very Sorry, bad editing on my part, I meant Ellis (which you have correctly in your comments).

It was Ellis at the IG meeting, not Boyd.

Anonymous said...

Crescent City Management, LLC
Contact Person: Daya Jennifer Naef
8006 Nelson St
New Orleans, LA, 70125
Phone: (504)669-1020
Email address:
Addendum No. 3~2.pdf(08/01/2007)

Its address is listed as 201 St. Charles Avenue, Ste 2511, NO,LA 70170 and it is a management, WASTE MANAGEMENT, housing, remolding, property management, research & social sciences company.

Daya Naef at NORA

4/08/09 BOOYAH BOYS LLC is formed and 8006 Nelson Street is used as the business address. Charles C. Crawford II is listed as the member and Daya Naef the registered agent.

Echo Tango LLC address is 8006 Nelson Street, NO,LA 70126 and registered on 9/08

Wolf's Wings LLC registered on 1/28/2009 8006 Nelson St. NO,LA 70126 Daya J. Naef is member/agent

First National Bank of Commerce Bldg., 210 Baronne Street, 18th Floor, New Orleans Louisiana 70112 was Daya Naef's registered agent address for Southeastern Wholesale Distributors LLC.

Crescent Clean LLC was registered on 6/20/06 and Daya is the member there with the 1340 Poydras Street, Suite 1800 NO,LA 70112 address.

Wolf Ventures LLC same as above but someone needs to ask questions about this as perhaps its something then again perhaps its not something at all but the feds need to look into it nonethless the relationship between Allegis Capital, Wolf Ventures, & Advantage Capital Partners. Was Naef the local New Orleans partner for Wolf Ventures?

Or should we leave the best for last:
Canlas Ellis LLC
909 Poydras Street, #2556, New Orleans, La 70112. Members are Daya Naef Ellis and Richard Martin P. Canlas of 300 W. Davis #560, Conroe, TX 77301. Canlas Ellis has one attorney listed on and that is Robert J. Ellis, Jr. However Canlas Ellis LLC has an address of 210 Baronne, Suite 18, NO,LA. Question I have is a full time Assistant City Attorney also allowed to have a law practice?

Daya Naef's legal practice is located at 1340 Poydras Street, ste 1800 NO,LA 70112 per LSBA.ORG website.

But are the rules different when you are practicing law in Texas & working for the City?

Anonymous said...

Robert Ellis & State Rep. Juan LaFonta aren't they law partners of some sort?

Anonymous said...

Baumgartner-Jackson, Oliver et al versus City of New Orleans, Brenda Breaux, Anthony Faciane, Joseph A. Jaeger Jr., Christopher Lund, Daya J. Naef, The Jaeger Foundation, & New Orleans Redevelopment Authority.

Case # 2008-08511 Division J-13

Daya Naef is represented by State Rep. Juan LaFonta. Somone needs to pull this case ASAP because it brings a lot of questions into why Robert Ellis' wife is being sued along with the City of New Orleans. The cast of characters in this suit is highly interesting.

Daya Naef also represents Home Solutions Restoration of Louisiana LLC or Home Solutions of America inn 7 separate lawsuits either as their defense attorney or as their plaintiffs attorney suing the City of New Orleans.

This calls into question the terms CONFLICT OF INTEREST--how can Ms. Naef represent Home Solutions of America in two different lawsuits against the City of New Orleans when her husband Robert Ellis Jr. is the Assistant City Attorney.

This smacks of conflicts of interest on every level.

Anonymous said...

Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal rules against Robert Ellis Jr. The name of the notary public/attorney involved sounds really familiar for some reason. Why does Chad Ham's name sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

201 St. Charles, 25th Floor is the home of:

Apx. 10 different businesses under Jacques Morial's name, plus one under Tracie Washington's name. Yes, Jacques Morial / Tracie Washington's LJI obtained the council's emails via Veronica White.

Plus there's a UPS Store on the ground floor. The Tionne Simon emails record request (maybe a standin for Washington) was directed to that UPS Store.

More coincidence? Just coincidence?Ok.

Anonymous said...

Someone call the Feds as the American Zombie has officially linked everything together. 201 St. Charles Ave Ste. 2511, Crescent City Management, Tracie Washington, Robert Ellis Jr., Daya Naef, etc.

The city council email link has been officially connected. The trash hauler scandal is now connected, and the missing Nagin emails are now connected.

Dambala & the cyber sleuths have given the U.S. Attorneys office what they have been looking for: the key missing link. I didn't even put that together so thank you anonymous.

Anonymous said...

thanks for all your sleuthing! please don't let it slip that Associated Contractors had / has huge contracts with RSD for VERY questionable/ shoddy work.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps before you start a blog about someone, you should get your facts straight, as none of your claims are factually correct.

BE Posse

Anonymous said...

If I was a member of the Bob Ellis Posse I would drive my car today straight to the us attorneys office and just plead guilty. I don't see any reason to fall on the swords they laid on the ground because the entire posse is headed to the federal pen. The cat is out of the bag and the scam has been uncovered.

Muchos Gracias to the Ellis/Naef maritial alliance for fleecing us with your concocted schemes to defraud us taxpayers. The Republican Party thanks you as well for linking them into the Nagin scandal.

Anonymous said...

"Wolf" is the nickname Daya Naef's husband has for her.

Anonymous said...

SO one poster here says that Naef signs a lot of things over with Brenda Breax, who is the City Attorney who deals with housing.

AND Naef, Ellis, et al are personal friends with Deputy City Attorney Evelyn Pugh, whom Stacey Head e-mails about why over a dozen permits (Pugh is Safety and Permits)to demolish homes got issued in a two day period last September 8 & 9. (This is in Head's e-mails, you can read this online).

In Head's e-mails, which are posted online for all to read, we learn of properties such as 3121 Josephine, which was demolished even though it was on the NCDC agenda, due to be discussed on Oct. 6th.

Some of Head's other e-mails are frustrated missives about a warehouse that fences stolen copper and other building supplies.

Who gets to issue the "Imminent Danger of Collapse" permits at City Hall?

Who decides which companies are going to come and pick up the copper or usable building supplies?

I do not know the answers to those questions, but the problems revealed by Head's e-mails and the list of things Naef's various L.L.C.'s were set up to do makes me wonder.

This post is not offering any real new information. I do not know if these things are connected. They may not be. I hope someone will ask and find out if they are.