Sunday, July 26, 2009

For the balance of my inquiry...

...ooooo....sounds so formal. Let's find some balance:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Everybody all together now....":

In response to your commentary that only a Sith speaks in absolutes, I suggest you read your “blogs” after you have taken your meds and before the coffee or whatever it is you take/ in digest to have such a socio-pathetic view of your world. All you do is post rumors and conjecture (a fact you freely admit) and then your few mindless followers respond with even more amazingly stupid comments. Face it AZ – you have keyboard courage to pick on those that cannot examine your sad excuse for a life. But putting aside insults, your logic is flawed.

So because BE is a City Attorney and married to Naef they are involved in a conspiracy? You are an idiot. After reviewing your site I noted your continued re-posting of “incoming new news” under the “I just go this in” obviously in hopes to motivate your few followers and stimulate your sad life to insult people you do not know.

For the balance of your inquiry:

Naef has never worked for NetMethods.

Ask him yourself about the IG meeting, although I serious doubt you have the guts to actually do it.

4. Daya actually worked for NetMethods?

So of 7 True or False is dismissed as false according to this anon...who I suspect is Mrs. Naef herself judging by the venomous tone. But thanks for helping us sort out the list.

By the was I insulting? By pointing out that Bob Ellis's wife is intricately involved with and being payed by a company that is getting millions and millions of dollars in no-bid city contracts? Am I insulting Mr. Ellis by pointing out his conflicts of interest? Not that I give a damn either way....but I'm curious how you think I'm being insulting.

As far as speaking to him, I don't need to...I already spoke to our former IG. Maybe you should speak to him as you seem to be defending him so blindly. But since you appear to be a fan...please let him know that he has an open platform here to reply to anything that has been posted. Provided it doesn't constitute a terroristic threat, I encourage any response or explanation he would like to aver.

Oh...and just for the life rocks....even more than this guy:


Anonymous said...

Oh, poo. Somebody doesn't know whose doors to have sealed. Can't they just invoke the IT department to examine your life? That IS who you pick on, generally speaking, so why are they defenseless?

[Just tell them you emailed the mayor within the last three years. They'll get right on finding those records.]

Anonymous said...

According to the electronic records of the clerk of court for Orleans Parish Civil District Court, Daya Naef represents Home Solutions Restoration of Louisiana in at least three lawsuits in which the City of New Orleans or a related entity is named as a party:


SEWELL, STEPHEN SCOTT ET AL VERSUS HOME SOLUTIONS OF AMERICA, INC. ET AL, No. 2009-2078, Division "K" (City is a party, City Attorney Albert Thibodeaux the only attorney listed for City)

HOME SOLUTIONS RESTORATION OF LOUISIANA, INC. ET AL VERSUS FRENCH MARKET CORPORATION ET AL, No. 2009-5751, Division "K" (City Department of Public Works named as party, represented by John F. Weeks, an outside lawyer)

There appears to be a pretty obvious conflict of interest between Naef and her husband. Has the City signed off on anything waiving the conflict? Probably not. Are measures being taken to screen Ellis from looking at this City files? Probably not.

Can Bob Ellis -- errr, I mean whoever is defending the Ellis Posse -- enlighten us on what has been done to address the conflict?

Anonymous said...
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Jason Brad Berry said...
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Anonymous said...

Interesting you talk of “terroristic words” when your posts talk about “finding” people…you encourage such behavior. So please do not attempt to take any high ground it will not be accepted here.

I am not Daya I am a friend of hers and greatly offended by your continued tirade on a good friend of mine. She’s a good person and is not involved in any of the illegal or unethical behavior you and your courage keyboard constituents post. The fact you continued to post such liable about her tells you have never met her. Just attempting to make connections that simply do not exists.

If the IG said such a thing post the e-mail otherwise you are still very much the Sith.

As you stated on your website – you “can get away with what the newspapers can’t” and regularly (and probably time pride in) posting unsubstantiated rumors.

BE Posse