Thursday, July 23, 2009

Harrison Boyd as the Mighty Oz

I just got a couple of tidbits of information I'd like to share.

The first is rather bizarre, but here goes:

Word has it that current N.O. CTO, Harrison Boyd, moved himself into the second floor of the annex building in City Hall which apparently houses the circuit breakers for the entire building. The word is that he has been purposely tripping breakers in order to fuck with other city employees by taking their power out. I think that truly deserves a WTF? . On another note, he is reportedly trying to take over Ed Blakely's role as recovery czar.....yeah please do that, Harrison. We definitely need to pay another asshole to sit in a useless position and spew bullshit at us.

Secondly (and I think much more pertinent):

Anthony "bowling pin" Jones may have taken the MIS department over budget by as much as $4 million dollars in his short and unqualified tenure. That's apparently 50% over the original budget. Good thing he finally finished that B.S. degree in business management from the esteemed University of Phoenix. What does B.S. stand for again? Are they the ones who taught him how to open a bid for a company at a set budget then expand it at will...or was that Ciber?

UPDATE: Ok, the WTF was indeed this explanation was provided - A correction: The circuit breakers trip because there's not enough
power to the area he's in, not because he's on a power trip. I
believe the particular department it screws up the most is the
taxi-cab bureau


Anonymous said...

Here's something that absolutely, positivel gets me about this latest, AJ's firing. The City has no way of tracking money spent, money withdrawn and property received.

There is no accounting.

No auditing.

No inventory of city property.

There are Anthony Joneses and Mefferts EVERYWHERE, and that's really the point.

Cerasoli said there are something like 142 independent entities related to City Hall.

The City has actually transferred the Canal Street Annex and a whole mall to the head of the RTA.

The whole thing is no more than a mass enterprise for looting.

Clay said...

Harrison Boyd Blakely's successor? Looks like it.