Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ho hum

I beg you....tell me how I've promoted terroristic threats or for that matter even libeled Mrs. Naef?

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "For the balance of my inquiry...":

Interesting you talk of “terroristic words” when your posts talk about “finding” people…you encourage such behavior. So please do not attempt to take any high ground it will not be accepted here.

I am not Daya I am a friend of hers and greatly offended by your continued tirade on a good friend of mine. She’s a good person and is not involved in any of the illegal or unethical behavior you and your courage keyboard constituents post. The fact you continued to post such liable about her tells you have never met her. Just attempting to make connections that simply do not exists.

If the IG said such a thing post the e-mail otherwise you are still very much the Sith.

As you stated on your website – you “can get away with what the newspapers can’t” and regularly (and probably time pride in) posting unsubstantiated rumors.

BE Posse

I have not launched any measure of personal attack against Daya. I am simply pointing out the conflicts of interest between the companies she works for and Mr. Ellis's position as a city attorney.

Is the Secretary of State's website lying? Are you telling me you don't think there is any conflict of interest? Are you the one on meds?

Believe me, I'm not taking the high ground....this is a snake pit. Your journalistic criticism is falling on reptilian ears. If you're trying to discredit the blog by saying its a rumor're pissing in the wind. I never took the high ground to begin with....but I readily admit when I'm wrong.

Therein lies my point.

Pray tell....will you contest anything that I've posted as false? I had 7 have claimed one as false and I immediately acknowledged it. 6 more to go. Oh...I never stated the IG said anything...I simply said I spoke with him. What do you mean when you say "The IG said such a thing?" I never said he said anything....what thing are you referring to?

But once again...if Mr. Ellis would like to address the facts which have been drawn to our attention...I welcome the discourse.

You have an open mic....tap tap...its on...


Anonymous said...

Does Mrs. Naef-Ellis work for the Mayor's office too? The folks in City Hall say she is co-signing documents with Brenda Breaux, the chief deputy city attorney for the city of new orleans housing unit. Can someone confirm if she is signing documents on behalf of the city? I don't have an account with the notarial archives department to run her name but those inside city hall say she is a one armed signing machine.

Wet Bank Guy said...

Just a reminder again: Your posts can't be read in feed readers in those colors. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Is the anonymous defender of Ms. Daya Naef Mr. Eric D. Torres, Nagin employee, law student and business partner of Ellis-Naef?

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope that bozo isn't a law student! Anyone who doesn't distinguish between "libel" and "liable" would be an embarassment to the profession...I mean, you know, more than usual ;o)