Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Past the panic stage...

Took a couple deep breaths....I'm still distraught. But in the meantime:

Thank You Shelley, your service has been invaluable to this city in a time when it needed it the most. Ashe'


Civitch said...

I'd trade both Cynthias, one Jackie Clarkson, and a passel of Morials and Jeffersons for a few more Shelley Miduras.

She wasn't the most politically savvy, but she always put the interests of the city first. Can you imagine what kind of New Orleans we'd have if everyone on the council (and in the mayor's office) had that attitude?

Stan said...

Actually, I think that Midura is remarkably savvy in her politics; and she has only become more so overtime. Kudos, Shelley. You've fulfilled your promises and accoplished your goals. I think it's great that you are not ossifying into the permanant ruling class that is so common in this town. The City will miss you, but we'll survive. Thanks for your service!