Sunday, August 23, 2009

All Roads Lead to HSOA?

Interesting comment today on a very old post:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Still going.....":

Micheal McGrath used to be President of HSOA; he also used to be the head of a Mortgage company in Florida that got into serious trouble with the Feds. See the Tampa Bay, FLA business papers. If you google this, it will come up.

It is like the S&L deal of the 1980's all over again. These jokers may have played a role in turning off the lights of the whole freakin' economy.

Look into the now defunct Florida HSOA subsidiary Fireline. It appears these people ripped off subcontractors post-K.

William Aaraon Bennett of Benetech is part of the HSOA family. He is a partner in the HSOA subsidiary Associated Contractors.

As Sewell was the guy who reported Fradella to the SEC, I don't understand what is going on if he is still working with them.

Have they paid all the law firms they owed money to, I wonder?

Can't the City of New Orleans find some firm that fixes sidewalks that isn't trailing ceditors after it like TP on a shoe?

That, in fact, does check out:

NJ Mortgage Exec Michael McGrath Pleads Guilty In $140 Million Fraud

Kind of...McGrath was actually Chairman of the Board.

And on Fireline and HSOA in general....we have this:

Home Solutions of America: Story Gone From Bad to Worse

Fireline won't disclose $100M contract client

Home Solutions of America- Fraud Plain and Simple

American Zombie: The Official HSOA 411

Sewell is no longer working for HSOA, of this I'm pretty sure.

How much money have we pumped to this company during Nagin's tenure? If tabulated, the amount of cash in no-bid contracts which have been pumped out to HSOA and Benetech (and the proxy subsidiaries, however goddamn many of them there are...) is going to make us all very sick. Especially when we take into account what we have to show for it.



p.s. dem douchbags redoing the bourbon street sidewalks are a fucking joke.

in front of my job they redid one wheelchair corner and left the other one with potholes and divets after blockin the front of our job for two weeks.

thanks ray.


are these the same guy's rebuilding the saint benard projects and the mini project on fillmore avenue?

Mark Folse said...

Just a reminder: I do more than half my blog reading on my phone at lunch, and green type is unreadable in most readers.

Clay said...

You're being followed...

Clay said...

Also, the leeches are still on an artery and continue to get fat at our expense.

Anonymous said...

don't forget the schools!

Anonymous said...

How are "they" involved in the schools? And which "they" is it: HSOA, some subsidiary of HSOA...?

Jason Brad Berry said...

they got a number of contracts for school renovations. Which leads me to my next post...hang tight, I'm going to broach this issue further in a post I'm putting up tonight.

Anonymous said...

More Fireline:

Friday, June 29 2007

"Home Solutions vague on $100M Hillsborough contract"

by Beth Hethcock, Tampa Bay Business Journal

Friday, January 25, 2008

"Fireline parent faces scrutiny by the Feds"

by Janet Leiser, Tampa Bay Business Journal

Friday, February 22, 2008

"Former exectutive evicts company"

by Janet Leiser, Tampa Bay Business Journal

Friday April 18, 2008

"Fireline Restoration subcontractors debts sounding alarms: Florida Attorney General's office gets 61 complaints"

by Janet Leiser, Tampa Bay Business Journal

These stories are old (but interesting), and the timeline in the second one I listed was helpful.

Why are these fuckmooks getting City contracts in New Orleans?

Anonymous said...

Missed one:

Friday, April 17, 2009

"SEC filings detail unravelings of Fireline Restoration's parent company"

by Janet Leister, Tampa Bay Business Journal

Daya Naef's Momma must be so proud.

Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful website. It looks professional and polished. The writing on it is a little nauseating. Were it not for the news stories about money problems and lawsuits, I'd be impressed by them at first glance.

Under investors they tell you they area wholly owed subsidiary of Home Solutions of America. They say they work on the Gulf Coast, but all their projects are in New Orleans, and most of them seem to involve getting government contracts. And they DO have a multi-million dollar contract out at the airport.

Under the projects heading, they tell you right up front:

French Market Shed Renovation
$6 905 834

Orleans Parish Prison
$1 779 771

Louis Armstrong International Airport
$4 324 555

New Orleans Public School
$20 739 176

French Quarter Sidewalks
$ 750 000

Tulane University-- Emergency Temporary Housing
$1 502 232

Would someone check my math, please, because I think that adds up to $36 001 568.

That is a lot of public money to entrust to a company that seems to have big problems.