Monday, August 31, 2009

The Bigger MAS picture...coming

Sorry for delay in this you can imagine, I've been a little busy today. Please note this comment:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "How is MAS getting paid?":

Another nearly $1.9 million contract handed out by the City's tech department? REALLY?

Even better: The company that got this latest contract, MSF Global Solutions, was formerly known as "Imagine GIS, LLC." Seriously.

Nagin must have the biggest balls in the world to keep signing these contracts.

Dambala, please keep fighting this machine. You're our best hope.

As fate would have it...this contract goes into effect as of today. The company is NOT a Meffert owned company. MSF is owned by Marseyas Fernandez, a contractor at City Hall. There is some interesting stuff surrounding this contract and a bigger issue of whether or not MSF actually has a functioning CMS (Content Management Sysytem) to actually run the city portal which was previously being run by MAS.

I don't have the whole story but I'm working on it. I have some folks telling me all sides of the story and I will do my best to give a holistic perspective.

As far as the revelations in da paper....who gives a shit who I am? Does it really matter? What matters is that we keep digging...all of us.


Anonymous said...

MAS is being paid by Vision who by the way has employed Michael Domke as a web master in addition to Scott Domke being visible on site in a hostile manner since Vision's contract for Web service has not been renewed. The FBI should investigate the payrol of MAS I'm sure they will find payment to Scott, Michael, and Mark St. Pierre. Just give old Micky Swaggert a call they are located across the streer from the city.

DaddyEarl said...

I KNEW IT!!! Thank you, anon! I knew there had to be a connection.