Friday, August 21, 2009

Git you some James!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Alex Morgan, 206-331-2009

DATE: August 21, 2009

James Perry Files Request for Injunction Today in Civil District Court to Halt Abuse of Power by Nagin Administration

Urges Court to Act to Prevent Payment with Public Funds of Contracts Awarded in Violation of City Charter

New Orleans, LA – James Perry, as a taxpayer in good standing, filed a request for a preliminary injunction today against the Nagin Administration in Civil District Court.

James Perry, New Orleans Mayoral Candidate: “My hope with today’s filing of a request for preliminary injunction is that the court will act expeditiously to halt the abuse of power by the Nagin Administration by awarding contracts in violation of the City’s Home Rule Charter.”

“As a private citizen I have serious concerns when my government begins to operate outside of its governing charter and without regard or respect for the rule of law,” said Perry. “The City Charter expressly prohibits any city department or agency with the exception of the Sewerage & Water Board, Civil Service Department, the Public Belt Railroad Commission and the Board of Liquidation from the hiring of special counsel without the approval of two-thirds of the New Orleans City Council.”

“I say enough is enough with this use of semantics and creative interpretation by the Nagin Administration to justify the awarding of contracts in violation of the city charter.”

James Perry and host a press conference call today at 5:30pm CST to discuss his reasons for filing today’s injunction and why he took a stand today against the Nagin Administration’s abuse of power, violation of city charter.


Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo!

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know about the guy but I'm glad someone did this.

Really glad.

Nagin is running out of CDC judges to alienate, let's see this could go to Landrieu, Ledet or Irons, all of whom have slapped him down recently.

Or he could try to make his idiocy fly in front of someone new.

"You see, your honor, 'outside counsel' is not 'special counsel' because they're really not 'special', you see..... what do I have to back that up? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. RAY TOLD ME TO SAY IT."

C. Ray-Z said...

Man, this is some serious BS. I hired extraordinary counsel, not special counsel. Stop hurting the recovery!

judyb said...

kudo's on your Ashley Morris award!