Monday, August 17, 2009


I was getting sick to my stomach in Friday night's game watching David get smoked time after time. I was hoping we may put one of the Pee Wee players in to see if they could do a better job.

One problem my main concern is the running game.

Caveat: One of my friends who works for one of the finer eating establishments in Uptown told me about hosting a dinner party for the Saint's defensive sqaud. He said the party got a little a rowdy and the staff was hamming it up with the players. David got somewhat confrontational with the executive host and the host replied, "Well I'd love to tell you what we call you around here, but I'm afraid I'd lose my job." Charles Grant replied, "Go ahead...I got your back...tell him." The host replied, "We call you toast....cause your always getting burnt." He said the team erupted in laughter and David was none too happy about it.


Ian McGibboney said...

Nice! The anecdote seals it. Had no idea the players thought that of him too.

Anonymous said...

I heard the team called him "Chasen David".