Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm starting to dig Cannizzaro

I like the fact that he's:

1. Telling us that our city's law enforcement departments are incompetent. He's definitely not mincing words here. There's no "things are looking up" bullshit going on here. He's telling us the truth about just how fucked up the D.A.'s office was when he came in. I, for one, appreciate the candor.

2. He seems to be taking responsibility for the office. That alone is a revolutionary notion in New Orleans city elected leader who actually steps up to the plate and takes responsibility for their job/department.

I think the D.A.'s office should be the top priority for our city for as long as it takes to get it running right. The solution to our crime problem is contingent on successful convictions...we have to get this right in order to make progress.

My lawyer once stated, "If you want to get away with murder in this country....come to New Orleans....its a cakewalk here." That's a pretty sad perspective, but true nonetheless.


E said...

That's stepping it up. Good stuff.

Clay said...

I voted for Capitelli and I'm glad he lost. Cannizaro has been superb. He's everything Eddie Jordan wasn't.

The one thing that still sort of bugs me about Cannizaro is he's struck out in a lot of big cases. Probably inherited quite a mess from Jordan.

Clay said...

Also: my word verification was INGEN. Can we get some genetically-engineered velociraptors loose in city hall?

Jason Brad Berry said...

I think he was spelling out how and why he is losing cases. And yeah, what he inherited was a cluster fuck created by Jordan. I just appreciate the fact that he's laying out there and telling us how fucked up it is. It can't get better until we identify how bad the problem is....and apparently its pretty fucking bad.