Tuesday, August 04, 2009

SPF 1000

Forget SunBlock....the city is trying to sue their way into the shade:


The City of New Orleans filed suit against the Louisiana Technology Council (LTC) and several of its associate members yesterday, seeking a temporary restraining order and injunctive relief related to the City of New Orleans/LTC email recovery project. Despite the City's suggestions to the contrary, neither the LTC nor its advisors ever violated their obligation to hold the City's email data in confidence, except in response to a federal subpoena. Moreover, as the City has confirmed, all data has been returned to the City; thus the suggestion of some future breach of confidence is baseless. To be clear, we believe that the lawsuit has no basis in fact or law. In fact, the Court denied the City's request for a Temporary Restraining Order against the LTC, and has set a hearing on the request for preliminary injunction on or about August 13. The LTC will vigorously defend this lawsuit, and expects to litigate this matter fully with the City of New Orleans. The LTC had hoped that its recent meeting with the City would have brought this relationship to an amicable conclusion, but it appears that the City insists on pursuing an adversarial course of action.

Now what is in that email data that has our bald leader's panties in such a wad? Let's not forget that the data is, by definition, public record. So the city is suing LTC based on a confidentiality agreement to keep public record from the public. How much is that costing us in litigation?

Hey...does Australia have extradition? I'm betting my ass Nagin is headed there to hide out with Blakely the moment his term ends. I know the country was populated by criminals so it's an apt escape route.


Anonymous said...

BTW, yes we are out here and waiting for the latest tidbit.

The last I knew it does not have extradition.

Also, all this from the City amounts to being a pain in the butt for the LTC. Anybody can sue anyone for anything, it does not require merit and essentially they are already paying the City Attorney not to review public records request for email so they need something to do, and suing the LTC is a little busy work.

Anonymous said...

Part 2, I just read the story and what finally struck me as funny is that Ray Ray is pissed because the Feds finally got some email.

Jim Letten probably saw the article about the LTC needing to turnover email and called Mark Lewis asap and said hold on, I will be sending you a subpoena - expos facto (or some other legal jargon).

Now Mark is more than happy to because he's still sore from somebody gluing his doors shut, was that supposed to be a metaphor about not being on the inside anymore or just a prank.

So now, Jim probably has a grip of email to justify going in and getting custody of backup tapes etc. Let's hope.

Anonymous said...

The irony of Nagin going to Judge Paulette Irons, whom he skrewed over in 2002, is too rich.

And she denied the preliminary injunction; which is fairly rare.

What value would even a crazy person see in doing this?

This just opens up another avenue of discovery, for Nagin to be deposed, for Boyd to be deposed, for Fields to be deposed, for the MIS tech team to be deposed, for *everything* LTC found - not just its report - to become public record.

Reckless, foolish, brazen, and useless. But really self-defeating.