Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tabula Grossa

In case anyone is keeping score....I can confirm that the city has now paid at least $60,000 in attorney fees to defend Ray Nagin's shenanigans.

I'm still waiting on an attorney...any tell me if this is even legal for him to use city money to defend himself against criminal charges. I get the attorney's fees for the TP and WWL lawsuits....but what about the lawyers for the federal investigation? Can he use city money to pay these guys? Anyone? Please answer.


ooohhhhh...DSU got da scoop:

City Hires D.C. Law Firm Amid Federal Probes

We bloggahs....we're chopped livah!



Dude are you the forth mackel twin?


wdsu had this story on their i-team report this afternoon a day after you broke the story.

ashe mackel .

i like it.

Anonymous said...

Actually it's funny how these Mackel triplet discussions keep coming up; I saw the sure-fire Mackel look alike with Sports Mackel at Saints camp. Had that very thought just as it was creeping into the public consciousness. I think he was helping Sports Mackel and had a media badge on. Maybe they're bringing him along. Besides Sports Mackel, and News Mackel, perhaps he will be Weather Mackel.

As for Nagin's hiring, I'm sure Nagin will just say any criticism of his hiring an attorney is just slowing down the recovery. Really, when he chunked the public/private economic development board I had the thought it wasn't out of revenge but really because he just hadn't done any work on it. In that respect, considering this was on the city's website to begin with he probably just doesn't care.


t.p. just broke the story on

i think the byline was inkey mackel.

p.s. good way to throw them off the trail with the brad pitt okey-doke.

seems like the local media are following your lead a little faster these days.

keep up the good work sir.

bayoustjohndavid said...

Like you said in your correction, it was $600,000. So now I have to ask you, what do you think would be the more responsible use of public funds, defending the mayor's reputation or spending the money to re-open three or four parks:

Nancy Broadhurst, head of the Friends of NORD, said the group is still holding on to the donation from Winn-Dixie. That money will stay put until the city determines how to use it, but Broadhurst said the $5,000 donation won't come close to covering the cost of the playground, which could run from $150,000 to $200,000 or more.

Clay said...

That's a pretty sweet deal. Steal from the taxpayers, then not even have to worry about using any of "your" money on criminal defense. Get those stupid taxpayers to cover that, too!