Friday, August 07, 2009

Things that make you go...hmmmm...

Mr. Perry seems to be a man after my own heart. I hope he's fo' true cause if he does become the mayor, I'm gonna remind him of this sentiment he expressed ad nauseum.

Run the gamut, J.P. Don't wait for an election....just take the reigns, cause we got no time to waste. Get on this thing like stink on shit:

James Perry Issues Statement on Mayor Nagin’s Decision to Suspend City’s Economic Development Council

James Perry, New Orleans Mayoral Candidate: “Today’s decision by the Mayor is yet another example of politics impeding New Orleans’ progress. What should have been a mechanism to attract desperately needed economic development and private investment has been politicized in response to the Council’s vote against the Mayor on the purchase of the Chevron building.”

“With our City in the midst of toughening economic times, it is unacceptable for our elected so-called ‘leaders’ to discourage investment simply to settle personal and political scores. This action is not only irresponsible but shameful.”

“A shared prosperity of true economic development devoid of politics should be something that unites us. We must move past this pettiness and put progress above politics.”


Anonymous said...

"Target Letter Tuesday".......some fine upstanding politicians and their hardworking staff recieved the official we love you so much so you are now a target of our affection letter from the Feds.

What federal defense attorneys who haven't yet been retained are still available? Some are suggesting that attorneys in Houston, Tx; Dallas, Tx, Washington, DC; and Huntsville, AL have been contacted.

matter said...

I've met James Perry and dealt with him on a number of occasions. Frankly, I think he's just not very bright. He seems to be one of those slow mooks who could never make it in the private sector. In fact, I don't think he's ever had a private sector job. While he surely means well and is a nice guy, I don't think he's anywhere close to being mayor material.

Cousin Pat said...

Which private sector? The one where 50% of the businesses fail after 5 years or the ones who overleveraged us into near-economic collapse?

Hell, even Jefferson went to Harvard.

Not-too-bright people are everywhere and in every sector. I'm "not too bright" when it comes to basketball but fairly well versed in football tailgating. The question isn't overall, it is "does he mean what he says" and "can he deliver a better city government."

mominem said...

The Mayor throws another tantrum.

dsb nola said...

"Just before the storm, we were having huge fights with the city over affordable housing," says James Perry, executive director of the Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center. "There was this huge drive about getting people who would be affected by this to show up at City Council meetings to talk about this and advocate on their own behalf."

After Katrina, "They started showing up at every meeting and workshop and were telling their elected officials what they needed and how they needed it."

This new aggressive civic participation fortified Perry and urged state legislators to finally activate the Louisiana Housing Trust Fund, which was enacted in 2003 to create housing for low- to moderate-income families. It had no money until after Katrina when Perry's army convinced the legislature to deposit $25 million into the account. The new civic activism scored again when UNITY, after three years of campaigning, convinced Congress last summer to allocate $73 million for 3,000 rental units from the state's Road Home program, most of which will go to the homeless and disabled. ***

That all sounds plenty smart. I've met James Perry and dealt with him as well, and I think he's a very sharp guy. We took a first time home buyer's class with the PRC pre-Fed Flood that James taught. It was an excellent class (I recall him delicately explaining to some classmates the dangers of variable rate mortgages), and we came away very impressed with the guy. G Bitch has even donated to his campaign-- something she doesn't do a whole lot of--and she's smart ...

matter said...

Dear Pat,

re: "does he mean what he says" and "can he deliver a better city government."

Answer: No.

Cousin Pat said...


Well, thanks for clearing that up. Glad I can just take your word for it.

On the flip side, is there anyone who does mean it?