Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Who's bought and paid for?

Everybody on City Council except Midura. We're in trouble...big trouble:

New Orleans City Council members bicker over Entergy contracts

I have come to the conclusion that there is no way to stop Entergy's stranglehold over this city....it's impossible....period. They will continue to buy off existing council members, they will pump Feilkow's war chest full of cash for the next mayoral election, the Utility Committee will be dissolved, they will renege on their Arkansas plant agreement, and they will rape us at their convenience.

There is only way to beat them:

Get off their grid....as soon as you possibly can. And please support any attempt by local developers to create alternative energy plants... including this proposed Plasma plant:

You're going to see a lot of propaganda against it....don't buy it. I've been researching this technology and I see enormous potential for it, specifically in New Orleans as we are geographically positioned to expand this plant and create a truly renewable energy resource.

I am going to be looking further into the pros and cons of this technology in future posts.


E said...

what do you think of river turbines?


what do you think about river turbines

Jason Brad Berry said...

that's funny...you guys must be channeling the same Orisha.

Yeah I love them....I've been reading a lot about them and even made some posts about them.

I think any form of renewable source we can build should be put into effect immediately. I also love the idea of Wind Turbines on defunct oil rigs in the Gulf.

The problem is that Entergy will do everything they can to stifle these endeavors.

I really like this particular plan because we are so well suited for it geographically. We can take a lot of trash coming in downriver and this tech. seems pretty promising.