Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I just have to keep posting this picture

Because its so fucking amazing. What is the Pulitzer award for photojournalism?

Anyway....let's do quick summary on this story:

Federal authorities are investigating St. John the Baptist Parish President Bill Hubbard in connection with a scheme in which parish contractors helped buy a new Toyota Camry for his girlfriend last spring, several sources have confirmed.

The sources said at least three contractors — Parson & Sanderson Inc. of Harahan, Davezac Consulting Engineers of Destrehan and Pipeworks Plumbing & Demolition of Harahan — covered at least part of the payment for the vehicle in May.

Ok, so for all you folks who say follow the money....let's do that:

Davezac Consulting Engineering LLC of Destrehan was hired by the parish in July for $1 million to oversee the spending of its $29.5 million bond issue to finance part of a hurricane protection levee, make improvements to the water, roads and drainage systems in the parish and build a gym and east bank government complex.

Parish spokesman Buddy Boe said Davezac has earned $32,375 so far this year in parish work and $80,510 in 2008. He said Parson & Sanderson has earned $163,480 so far this year and $103,046 in 2008 for pumps and valve work. Pipeworks has earned $900,182 this year and $93,577 in 2008 under general maintenance contracts with the parish, Boe said.

Campaign finance reports for 2007 and 2008 show Parsons contributed $12,500 to Hubbard, while Pipeworks contributed $7,500 and Davezac contributed $5,000.

Who is the big winner out of that trifecta? Looks like Pipeworks, huh? A 900k pull....not bad. Add the 93k in and we almost come out to a nice cool 1 million...especially if we use the Odom sliding abacus. Funny how 1 million seems to consistently pop up as a subliminal benchmark in issues of corruption.

Now, does anyone want to post odds that Hubbard is an owner in Pipeworks? Anyone? Beuller? Beuller?

voodoo economics....voodoo economics.....

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His arms look like cartoon Maxwell Smart arms in that picture, elongated.