Sunday, September 06, 2009

I think I know how to pacify the Glen Becker's

Buried in my quagmire, I've only been able to catch glancing blows of the recent hullabaloo over President Obama speaking to schoolchildren. I know Tammany, Jefferson, and St. Bernard parishes decided to make the "Obama Communist Communique" optional for students due to the outrage expressed by their (oooo...dare I say it...) delusional nut parents.

Obama's agenda is to address our nation's younglings on the importance of education and hard work.....and everybody knows how sinister those notions are. I've heard that if you run Obama's inauguration speech backwards it turns out to be the Cliff Notes to Marx's Das Kapital spoken in Arabic with a Muslim prayer at the end....but I haven't tried it yet, so nobody sue me if it doesn't work....really...please don't sue me.

Being the curious cat that I am, I was wondering what principles schoolchildren in other countries are learning...especially countries which are paying for our debt. So let's take a look at what Chinese children see for their future:

Aspiring to be a corrupt official


So my solution to this dilemma is that immediately following Obama's dispatch to our county's young, impressionable minds, we allow a counter argument in the same vein that we do with State of the Union know, like when Bobby J. shed his buttcutt, learned to speak like Mr. Rogers and bitched that we were spending too much of our resources watching volcanoes. Except this time, I think we should let Tom Delay take a few minutes off his current dancing gig and give the rebuttal. He can teach our children all about the value of kickbacks and lobbyists seeing how everything has worked out so well for us in the wake of the Bush years. That should completely offset anything the President says.

What say you?


Anonymous said...

I jut worked 52 hours in the last 3 days, it seems my boss thinks Labor Day is time to double down not take time off ;)

Far too tired and significantly grumpy to

A: Point out that Obama needed to dump Jones, him and a few more of his buddies are far too easy to be used as a distraction. I think this shows his lack of experience and his arrogance - I will go ahead and concede the point that W did the same thing and it's the same observation they had, he was an immature politician. Thoughts?

I have other points which I will gladly wow you with tomorrow and convert you to an moderate leaning right I'm sure :)

Hope your baby girl had great b-day. enjoy your weekend.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Thanks for bday wish...she had good one.

But don't bother with the partisan debate...I'm really not making that argument. I'm just making fun of the people in this country who think Obama speaking to children is a communist plot.

Anonymous said...

Surely the child in the Independent Online article you linked was influenced by Our Mayor's recent visit to China...

Anonymous said...

The whole world has gone coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs.

That kid who said she wants to be a "corrupt official" when she grows up should be given her own segment on "The Colbert Report".

The parents who don't want their kids to hear a message from their President are so f*cked up it is amazing that they manage to do normal grown up things like pay bills and drive cars.

This is no doubt the same bunch that wrap themselves in the flag and shed facist little tears every time an opportunity for cheap and masturbatory "patriotism" presents itself.

I mean, they used to do that, before their duly elected President was a black man. Now they feel "betrayed".

Anonymous said...

The irony is that Anon2 are among the same group of historically challenged, hypocrites that fail to use reality and reasonability in their everyday life. Have you forgetten that the left screamed and hollered when Reagan & Bush I spoke to kids and said the same lines of indoctrination crap.

Or maybe, just maybe your president has completely lost any power in the last 2 months and boo hoo it's the Republicans fault because they won't let him do what he wants. It's politics which by nature is a scandalous business and you are measured by your ability to maneuver and manipulate. Say hello to the next Jimmy Carter. Hell atleast Jimmy had better foreign relations skills.

matter said...

You can't pacify them. Well, ok; you can. First, Obama resigns. Then Biden pick a Rethug to be VP. Let's say, Sarah Palin, or maybe Glenn Beck. Then Biden resigns. Then they'll huff and puff about how Obambi and Bidet took too long and keep on whining.

Carmen said...

Wow. The maturity level of independent and conservative bashing is always revelatory. Don't get your facts right, don't talk about the content of the lesson plans which were what parents objected to (instead of a simple stay in school message by the president). It has to be racism or insanity.

I'm not a Republican or a Democrat, so I happen to see how loony both parties are when the other is in power. But as a parent, yeah, I had concerns initially too. (Perhaps you aren't aware the White House has implemented changes to the original educational plan thanks to the Glenn Beckers, those lunatics.) I don't want government to do my parenting for me, to tell my kid to do community service, how to help the president, how to practice his religious faith or anything. If it interferes with my most basic rights, then surely I'm not any more delusional than a gay activist or someone advocating legal marijuana use is.

Liberals need to learn tolerance.

Leigh C. said...

A couple of informed opinions from someone whose school district first banned the address from being shown live at its schools, then backtracked only a little, letting each school decide if they wanted to show it a day or two later.

And a parent has the gall to say it sounds like punishment when students who don't want to watch can work on an assignment in the cafeteria as an alternative?

I wish there had been that kind of an alternative for kids when Dubya was addressing the schools...

Anonymous said...

"Conservative and independant bashing", my eye.

The people who run around calling themselves "conservative" have belief systems and political objectives that do not resemble old-fashioned conservatism. I speak as a person who lives within his means and is not in any debt at all.

They aren't actually much for being independant, either. Many voluntarily listen to "Christian" radio broadcasts that alternate sermons-- some of which are OK sermons-- with political broadcasts pushing viewpoints (for example, pro-death penalty) that are not Christian.

Classic brainwashing techniques are employed to whip the masses up into a frenzy.

Lots of parents were not happy that their kids listened to Reagan and Bush I in school. But I don't recall this level of hysteria and disrespect for the office, do you?

Enough already from "conservatives" that they think the rest of us are "intolerant" because we don't want to give them space to tell sick racist jokes.

They are the ones blocking public health care, deciding against money for public transit, trying to shut down the EPA and the other watchdog groups that are actually trying to fulfil one of the oldest God given responsibilities, that Genesis assignment of being loving stewards of the Garden.

They are the people blaming all the problems in the world on single mothers, but also trying to stop sex ed in schools, the distribution of contraceptives, legal abortions for women who feel they cannot see any other way out, and all this while arguing that public schools are a waste of their tax dollars. Of course! We need corporate welfare instead.

Or prisons! Let's build some more prisons and casinos. That's conservative and Godly. We'll need more bombs, as well. Jesus loves bombs.

Remember that site Dambala put up a link to, the site where that whackjob had posted her expose of Voodoo in the White House?

Oh, yeah, baby. There's tolerance for you.

I am completely at peace with my conviction that people who will stand and make common cause with the "dining room tables" of the community and the "death panel" freakazoids, not to mention their shadowy medical underwriter friends, suck.

And don't retort with, "Well the Democrats..." because like most people, I don't feel comfortable with either mainstream party.

Jason Brad Berry said...

- Don't get your facts right, don't talk about the content of the lesson plans which were what parents objected to

That was a good laugh.

- Liberals need to learn tolerance.

That was a better one in respect to the original post.

Tolerance for intolerance. How's that working out for you?

Anonymous said...

I only have a couple of problems nothing major. Yes, the Dems threw a hissy when Ronnie and George HW addressed the children and said the same things the left is saying now. Come on people it's expected, I think it depends on the message.

My gut feeling tells me that this was just handled poorly and the fact that he needs to start appearing like he has everything under control isn't helping. I think what happened was that since the Dems have control over 90+% of all of the schools that they could set this up and it would be no big deal.

Well the problem with bureaucracy is that sometimes it can work for you and sometimes it can bite you, in this case it bit him. Has anyone stopped and considered one problem with how this went south was that they bypassed all of the State ELECTED school board officials and went directly to the principals? I don't think they put much thought in how it would look when the Feds are going directly to the principals and bypassing the state because they figured the state would be on board....well now your kind of giving the implication that these people don't matter and they will go to extra lengths to prove to you that they do.

As far as the message (which was version 2 - I guarantee it was revised after the snafu), I think the revised version is vanilla enough and frankly having a few kids that come from seemingly well off families get nothing from a speech, while alot of minorities and inner city youth could get something from seeing Obama motivate them to work hard and get a good education - its a message that might actually stick because of who is delivering it, which I'm all for.

I think the assignment thing probably came from the principals and DOE when they got all a flutter over Obama speaking, because I just don't think he has that much of a micromanager. I think Obama is a big picture guy and doesn't get caught up in the details and he ends up getting flack because his aid or appointee takes things a step too far.

I just look forward to the next couple of weeks to see how the recess affected the elected officials.