Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What a picture

Damn this is good.


Anonymous said...

I feel real sorry for all the wives and all the kids of these rat bastards.

My guess is that the wives stay for health insurance for their kids, and because of how nasty they know their husbands would be in a divorce and custody battle.

It must be a nightmare of a special kind to be facing a divorce and custody battle with a connected Louisiana political hack. Those women married themselves into Hell, and I feel sorry for them.

As for the lover-- the kind of woman who would screw around with a married man who has two kids-- the kind of woman who would let her married lover get contractors to give her a car as a way of giving him a kickback-- what kind of woman is that?

Who raises these bitches up?

Jason Brad Berry said...

yeah that's why I love this picture. Look at that guy...Jesus in khaki chinos. Can you imagine the ego? I guess its the nature of the beast...we put ego-maniacal sociopaths in office.

Anonymous said...

Someone ****ed this guy for a CAMRY?

Anonymous said...

Part of what makes this picture great is the guy standing behind him who is also dressed in Khakis and a blue shirt, only his shirt is a weaker blue.

The sychophant or wannabee is part of why the picture is so good.

You can almost smell the sadness and the yearning.