Wednesday, September 30, 2009

methinks, not

Plaintiffs in crime-camera trial seek to have insider counter Greg Meffert's testimony

On Tuesday, Meffert had looked at the same e-mail and contended Fury was talking about a different project involving cameras, a multi-parish interoperability proposal. He said it wouldn't have made any sense for him to work against the bid process because, if he had wanted to give the work to Dell, he could have simply done that.

The interoperability bid included cameras? Really? Or did he mean antennas? I have to go back and look at the interoperability bid and see if cameras were even listed as a requirement. I can't believe they would be as then it would be redundant to have multiple camera systems in place across multiple parishes. Even if that statement holds water, why would he be bidding out two contracts that provided the same service? Did he expect to have cameras on top of cameras?

Now keep in mind he was simultaneously pulling the same bullshit with the interoperability contract that he was with the crime cameras. Grant Holcomb's solution ran on Apple hardware while Meffert was trying to push the contract to Dell. I actually summarized the IO grant story here:

American Zombie: Flashback to the Interoperability Grant

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This was an amazing reread.

The reminder of the people on the rooftops and the ones who drowned was timely.