Saturday, September 19, 2009

"What I think we need to do now, is we need to start to demand that everything comes to the surface"

Hang on.....I have snot running down my face because I just laughed so hard I couldn't control my bodily functions....ok....better.

Oyster makes the bestest observations I'm subbing posting out. But don't worry, we bloggers are very careful to list all of our subs.

As Mr. Nagin not-so-subtly plays the race card and calls for the African-American community in N.O. to rise up against the IG office under allegations of racism, I would just ask you to look back through the posts on this blog and the names involved before you make that decision. I think there is a pretty good track record which shows you that most of the people Nagin has pushed money to are white republicans.

I have a hunch the results of the coming federal probe may spell that out much more clearly....I also have a hunch Nagin knows this and he's circling the wagons in a pathetic attempt to garner a sympathy vote in the court of public opinion. Don't buy it....when it comes to business acumen, cronyism, and back room dealings....Ray Nagin is whiter than my hillbilly ass.

One of the things which I always find annoying is when people tell me to "follow the money!" Yeah...I get that....but its not exactly easy. Especially with an administration that is as transparent as the river which runs through our city.

However, over time we (the citizens, da paper, the TV, the blogs) have been able to actually "bring things to the surface". And if you follow the money trail that has surfaced it becomes pretty apparent that the major recipients of Nagin's favor are cracker-ass-crackers...saltine....balooga.....white....and I don't mean Veronica....I mean white like Meffert....and that's flippin' white.

Don't be fooled by this crap he's spewing...there is no racist conspiracy in the IG's office. You want proof? Look at the difference between the IG's report on the crime cameras and then Nagin's internal audit. Nagin's internal audit blamed everything on a black man and sheltered the white guys pulling the strings. The IG's report exposed the white owned companies behind the curtain.

Folks its not black or white....its green.


Anonymous said...

If you give them everything: your honor, your dignity, your dreams, your first born, your chance to be a great Mayor of a great city, your soul, whatever they want, maybe they will like you, accept you, and be your friend.

They'll take you out on their cool boat and you'll always have someone to drink and play video games with.

Clay said...

Fox News chimes in on "crooked Nagin":

Nice to see national news hounding him outside his home (something local media is too polite to do) and pointing out that Meffert and Nagin are neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Really, who has to gain with an OIG in turmoil? Me thinks one outgoing mayor who doesn't want investigative eyes peeking at the contracts being made during his golden parachute stretch. How can that process be so damn opaque?

Anonymous said...

I want a cartoon cop to come in and yell, "OK, everybody FREEZE!"

Nagin should not be allowed to have a golden parachute stretch with everything he's done already.

Anonymous said...

For whatever it's worth and for the heck of it (and maybe for amusement) I called WBOK on your point (without mentioning this blog) about the point about Nagin fingering Jones vs. the IG fingering Meffert. I brought it up with both Beaulieu and Sylvain. Beaulieu ignored it, except for the purpose of saying that reformers have no point in complaining since Nagin has come nowhere close to the level of Maynard Jackson in terms of minority contracting and so they supposedly have nothing to complain about (though the issue is not with minority contracting, it's with corrupt contracting) and Sylvain - after the station had spent the two days since Nagin's appearance ranting about how the IG's office is a plot to eliminate minority political influence - launched into how it did not matter "what color" [including 'purple'] the contractor's skin was it just mattered what the facts were (in response to where else the millions of tech contracts dollars could have been spent in "the community" and a cost/benefit assessment in terms of how that has helped or hurt black Orleanians (the station's and show's focus), he and his guest Rev. Moore then proceeded to talk about how it was just a question of how it would all play out, again basically avoiding the issue).