Friday, October 30, 2009

2010...errrr 9.

I keep harping on this 6.3 million dollar addendum to Ciber's contract because we still don't have an answer as to what the fuck it was for.

An astute anon pointed out an interesting observation on the contract:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Keep ya ears open":

You may want to go back and look at that contract for Ciber's recent $6M. If you look at the date the original was 12/31/2010, that is scratched out and initialed by Fred Wild (city attorney)and penciled in is 12/31/2009. I think Nagin is just paying off his buddies. Also Ciber has told its IT staff that 12/31/2009 is their last day.

So I went back and looked at it and he is indeed correct:

Notice the strike? Simple accident?

On a possibly unrelated note, I was browsing back through the TP archives of the civil case and ran across this:

Plaintiffs reach deal with Ciber


I wonder how much that settlement was for?

Let's play the Price is Right showcase....answers in the comment section.


Civitch said...

Stupid question: why don't the signatories to this and all city contracts have to sign AND date them? I've had to do that on every single contract I've ever signed.

Anonymous said...

Zombie, thanks for staying on this.

Jason Brad Berry said...

I'll start it off.

I'm guessing the amount was 5.3 million.

Clay said...

Citigroup goes belly up.

Anonymous said...

It is frustrating to see this kind of thing going on even after they have been caught out in so much.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Nagin dismissed from the lawsuit shortly thereafter as well?

Anonymous said...

meffert, et al are guilty - 16.3 million verdict - go to for more.