Thursday, October 01, 2009

Call now!


Anonymous said...

dead picture link

Anonymous said... send me a link to a great story about levees nation wide.

It is an antidote to every comment anyone has ever made about dumbclucks in Louisiana living in a levee dependant place.

According to the article, over 150 000 000 million Americans from coast to coast to coast to coast are in the same situation, and their levees aren't necessarily in better shape than the ones that caused the Flood.

I am sleepy so I'm sorry I don't have that link right now. It sould be on their site or if not, I'll post it tomorrow.

They asked everyone on their e-mail list to click to keep that story top of the fold on the online paper that ran it.

AZ readers might find that a good use of coffee break time, if their is no one they are "saying a little prayer for" instead.

Anonymous said...

150 000 000 million?

Oh, you must have been really tired. I hope you got some sleep, and please do post that link.