Thursday, November 12, 2009

happy happy joy joy

man...i love pelicans.

Brown pelican comes back from the brink of extinction

Are the pelicans on Pontchartrain, Brown Pelicans?


Anonymous said...

Yes. Our Louisiana population was completely wiped out by the early 1960's from pesticides bio-accumulating from the fish they ate. This made their shells so thin that they could not support the weight of the mother sitting on them (same with the bald eagle). The substances were banned, and later the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries reintroduced pelicans from Florida. The birds you see on Pontchartrain are descendants of those. MS

termite said...

yup. most cool. especially when they take their dramatic nose dive into the water for food - or when they follow alongside your car, driving over the causeway. love'em.