Monday, November 30, 2009

Mr. Pump and Dump gets Thumped

Finally, Fradella gets nailed.

Now I would really like our mayor to explain why he favored this company for so many Post-K contracts and why, according to his schedule which was liberated by WWLTV, he met with Mr. Fradella on more than one occasion. In fact, he met with Fradella after most of these SEC allegations had already surfaced. In fact, the only real contracts I think HSOA had were the ones the city was doling out to it.

Apparently Aaron Bennett has taken over most of HSOA's existing contracts with the city. How did that happen? How did the French Quarter Market renovation go from the hands of HSOA to Bennett? What happened to the airport contract which HSOA defaulted on because the bond company, Infinity Surety, posted bogus bonds?

Still a lot of unanswered questions here.

Naomi Klein should profile HSOA....they're a textbook disaster capitalist scenario.


Anonymous said...

This is amazing.

What a story. Add the Fradella subplot to the Jefferson subplot and stir in some of the rest of the crap going on, and Nagin's administration will be keeping Naomi Klein's proteges busy for a decade at least, Zombie.

Watching it unfold is a bit like it must have been to read a Dickens novel bit by bit as it was serialized in the papers.

Civitch said... finally posted the story, a bit more fleshed out:

Anonymous said...




Now Fradella

The Nagin Alamo: Y'er surrounded Ray, put `em up!

Anonymous said...

Nagin's saying that he had no idea there were problems with Fradella.

How many of Nagin's people will the new Mayor keep on staff?