Sunday, November 08, 2009

Nolastat now

One of the many posts which fell into my "I have to get back to that"' bin:

Brian Denzer contends "What gets measured gets done"

Oyster, being the keystroke machine that he is, covers it for us.

If you're not aware of Brian's push for the Nolastat program, please get aware here.

It's called accountability, folks, and this program has been proven in other cities who have similar issues to New Orleans.

I've stated before that even above the contracting process itself, the biggest problem we have in this city is performance standards and our lack of ability to track the progress of departments and initiatives after companies have been contracted. Think about what a difference that could have made had we been tracking the IT department for the past 8 years, i.e., crime camz, 311, etc.

Think of it as a real time EKG for the entire city. Rapid feedback...rapid response. This just makes sense.

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Brian said...

Getting caught up on blog reading after a hiatus. Thanks for the publicity.