Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pandora's Box

I have to admit that I'm a little surprised that the Whitmer insurance issue is actually being pursued by the FED. Don't get me wrong...I'm happy it is, but having spent 3 years dissecting the NOPS I can tell you that insurance rackets are labyrinth and plentiful. Give me just about any public entity in the city and I can pretty much guarantee you somebody is getting hooked up through insurance contracts...usually through the infamous "broker" title.

Whitmer's case is just too good though, he named his company Lagniappe Industries.

Sweet....he just wanted a little somethin' extra, brah.

Is it just me or does it seem like some of this stuff is scripted...Lagniappe Industries, Sunblock, etc?

I'm gonna start a new job as an insurance broker and call myself, Comesee, LLC.


Anonymous said...

The blogging on JP corruption issues and politics is like the TP coverage of it: nearly non-existent.

The ridiculous thing is there are more people and readers in JP now I would think.

This is about Aaron Broussard, who surely has his hands well deep in this.

Broussard helps elect judges and gets kickbacks on case fees; he helps hook up contracts and he gets kickbacks through guys like Whitmer and Congemi (former mayor of Kenner, but he has other friends there).

Take a look at the case where the judge announced that he had to recuse himself because HE has connections to Lagniappe. Broussard (apparently without choice) has done the same in what was going to be a fake internal investigation anyway. They don't *need* to investigate anything, Broussard knows all the facts.

We are talking about a guy who has had TWO first aides in his government (almost always there is one), one who became his girlfriend, and then his wife. The other was/is the daughter of his biggest contributor. These were the two highest paid people in JP staff.

We are talking about a guy who has his son's paper get Parish fees as as an official parish publication and which is run out of Broussard's own office. We are talking about a guy who pays his ex-wife and his daughter campaign funds for campaign services. We are talking about a guy who spends thousands of dollars on "constituent services" wich are no more than expensive dinners, skiing trips to Colorado with his fellow pol hacks, trips to L.A. on moving "fact finding" trips, and NYC for almost no legitimate excuse. The man has previously gone bankrupt yet owns houses in Nova Scotia and who knows where else.

Vote fraud and corruption abound in West Jeff. Broussard lost the last election in East Jeff by 55-45, and that's a route. But somehow managed 70+% in West Jeff; sure maybe they didn't get the Broussard-caused flooding, but then this kind of thing has happened before.

Can you imagine if Nagin's CAO had gotten busted like this? Wouldn't people be screaming from the rooftops about how this is really all about Nagin?

Nagin-like, Broussard is fighting to prevent records getting out on this without foundation (it's really a joke):

What is really funny about the TP coverage is that unlike Nagin they do whatever they can to avoid dragging Broussard through this. He's hardly mentioned in most of these articles - the paper actually endorsed him. Supposedly Broussard has always had some kind of 'in' or influence over there. The TP is shocked - shocked! - to find out how much Whitmer makes, do you think they will try to find out what kind of pension deal Broussard has??? Naaahhhhh.

Basically there is no investigative press in JP - what does that do for corruption in government?

Ricardo said...

But really, where is the outrage in Jefferson Parish? Are there no AZ's or Gadflies in Da Parish to stir up masses?

After the Baroni's pled guilty to treason (stealing from the US military in a time of war) there was no review of their deals and dealings with Jefferson Parish just character reference letters from parish officials .

When St. John Parish President Hubbard resigned and plead guilty to federal charges last month Jefferson Parish cancelled its contracts with Mr. Hubbard's company but has done nothing with the contracts of the companies that were bribing him.

Now Tim Whitmer is accused of intra-parish shenanigans and retirement favoritism and Aaron Brussard is keeping it as hushed as he can.

The land of Vitter, Duke and Sheppard has a den of thieves running its government and there is no outrage.

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Anonymous said...

Lagnappe Industries, Sunblock... yep, Zombie, sounds scripted for sure.

They are remarkably upfront about it all, aren't they?

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