Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dr. Triplet responds

In a previous post, I questioned the claim a WWL reporter made that Dr. Vera Triplet agrees with Ray Nagin's sentiments about our upcoming elections:

"I just think having...the number of candidates in the gonna split the vote...whether you're talking white, black, hispanic, whatever....and we as a community need to consolidate around one candidate."

Dr. Triplet (I'm assuming it is really her) was kind enough to clarify the matter:

Anonymous said...

I am Vera Triplett and I can tell you that the only portion of Ray Nagin's comments I agreed with was that the shear number of candidates require increased engagement by all New Orleanians. I'm sure the entire uncut interview would make clear where I stand.

Happy Holidays!!!!

Thanks, and Merry Xmas to you as well.


M Styborski said...

I hope that's not a direct quote. I'd hate to think that the COO of UNO's Charter Network couldn't tell the difference between 'shear' and 'sheer'.

Must be a New Orleans public school graduate.

GentillyGirl said...

As a founder of the GCIA, I must stand against Dr. Vera Triplets' thoughts. 'She has never represented our community... in fact she is against many of us who live in Gentilly.

She wants our lives to be hers, and I'm sorry, but I don''t desire to live her sterile life. (Remember Vera, I told you to remove the corncob from your tush years ago.

I live my own life and people like you have no control over me.