Tuesday, December 22, 2009

For Xmas

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Anonymous said...

Fun with the the interwebs! Did you know you can search all campaign contributions online at ?

Here's a fun one: have a look at your major city council at-large candidates now that Sapir and Mire have dropped out.

Ms. Willard-Lewis has a very interesting and very lengthy list of contributors. Enthusiastic supporters of Ms. Willard-Lewis include Richard's Disposal ($9,500 since 2007) and Metro Disposal (a tidy $18,500). Hmmm, now remind me again how she voted on getting the council access to their billing records? She also has a delightful selection of mystery LLC contributors with PO Box addresses like Raffles ($10,000) and Imagine Software ($15,000). In fact, her fundraising prowess apparently extends all the way to Westminster, CO, where someone or something named MWH has generously contributed $20,000 to the cause of furthering her political career.

Mr. Fielkow, on the other hand, is much more mundane. Poor Arnie is apparently unable to broaden his base much beyond real people and bona-fide businesses. And he has been totally unable to garner the attention of the sanitation vendors who have been so very generous with Ms. Willard-Lewis. Oh, I seem to have forgotten how Mr. Fielkow voted on getting the council access to those companies' billing records as well. Too much red wine. Perhaps some other AZ reader will refresh my memory.

Finally is the curious case of Ms. Clarkson...who apparently has no contributors at all. Strange, that.