Friday, December 11, 2009

Zombi....oh you know...#3

Sapir will qualify for At Large this afternoon.

Upon hearing that one of my online peeps said, "Jesus, who is digging up all these political zombies and convincing them to run?"

It's the Zombie election...that has a nice ring to it, methinks.


Anonymous said...

This council at large seat is going to get NASTY. Did you notice who signed up to run for it after Sapir?

Greg Sonnier the same guy that Sapir has screwed over with his business. Look for Sonnier to sling some serious allegations at Sapir. Sapir's entry was thrown in to take away from the Fielkow vote and to help Darren Mire win. God help us if either Mire or Sapir wins. Both may be under the Federal Governments wire tap list from day 1.

Anonymous said...


Whirlygurl said...

Greg Sonnier actually lied on his permit application for work on the building he bought. It was zoned for a reception hall, he applied for work permits as a reception hall and then announced in the paper that it would be a restaurant.

Jay Batt ran for his seat, and lost. Midura won.....what does that matter you ask? Well John Georges was an investor in Sonnier's restaurant along with Bill Kearney (Batt's best friend and works for Georges). The deal was that Batt would fix the zoning issues when he got re-elected. He lost, Midura following the zoning law and Sonnier crossed swords with Sapir. Wrong move. Sonnier did this to himself. Who buys a building in a neighborhood in uptown New Orleans, knowing it has zoning issues, knowing the city does not allow spot zoning and then get upset when the law is upheld. Sonnier is a tard.

Anonymous said...

Careful whirlygurl, your statements on this public forum are subject to libel laws.

Whirlygurl said...

Ah, thanks anon, I keep forgetting that in America one now has to governor one's freedom of speech. But fear not, his applications are public record.

However, I must apologize for referring to him as a "tard". That is purely opinion, not fact.

Anonymous said...

Wow, "Whirlygurl" (seriously who spells girl with a u...), you must be drinking the Sapir Kool-Aid.

You obviously have no truthful information. The permit that the Sonniers obtained when they purchased the building was for a restaurant with table service. The city doesn't even have a permit that is specifically for a reception hall.

Get your facts straight before you go off spewing incorrect information. And moreover, the Sonniers had no investors in their business, and there were no back room deals as you suggest.

I think you should be careful what you say because you are making false accusations against a good, honest, and hardworking family who got royally screwed in this deal.

Think about their two young girls who have to see the crap that you are writing about their father.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere Sonnier had a web page with the details.

My impression is that what happened to Sonnier is what's wrong with City Hall and why, or maybe how, this city is as a practical matter (and maybe as a matter of policy) so hard on business if not outright hostile towards it.\

Supposedly Clint Eastwood got into politics because he couldn't get anyone at city hall to put up a stop sign on the road leading to his house. To me these folks with a basic cause and nothing to gain make the best and most motivated kind of politicians.

Anonymous said...

Give the "his young girls are going to read this" stuff a break. Unlikely they'll be surfing the zombiewire, and if a google search turns up this website, I doubt they'll cry their eyes out because a couple comments to a post state some unfortunate facts.

No whining in politics.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Anon,

Can it with the "his little girls" crap. It makes you sound like a jerk, and it undercuts any good point you might be making.

(Legal disclaimer: all this is just my opinion, you're free to agree or disagree, and I can't prove a word of it.)

The reminder to becareful of libel suits, and a certain histrionic, overbearing, & all-or-nothing style:

"You OBVIOUSLY have no truthful information"

"seriously, who spells girl with a 'u'"

(Who ends a question sentence without a question mark, bra? Some of us like Whirlygurl, and she can spell her name any damn way she pleases.)

"get your facts straight before you go SPEWING incorrect information"

et cetera

...all this has left me wondering if we once encountered you puffing yourself up like a blowfish and going on about Siths.

You remind me of that guy, and the last time that guy told us that someone was honest, hardworking, and "gee whizz, just the best", it turned out they'd done business with Frank Fradella.

If I'm not mistaken, the SEC has now indicted that Fradella cat (and at least some of his business associates) for stealing candy from babies & other crimes, with the investigation into his deals (& his associates) still ongoing.

I hope you haven't lept like a flying squirrel from your perch with those guys to Sonnier's campaign, because you know what?

If you're that Sith guy, you're the kiss of death.

Not even because you're too close to crooks to remain untainted. More just because your style is unlikable.

No matter who you are, you'd better think about your angry tone. You think you're going to convince people to take another look at your boy Sonnier by insulting regular posters whom others like to read?

It isn't politic. Clint Eastwood wouldn't have personally insulted a girl about her name to make a point.

Anonymous said...

Watch the nov. 24 city planning commission hearing. sonnier ADMITTED that he lied.

He purchased a residentially zoned property. RD-4. check it out online: (

its never been zoned for a restaurant. he knew this. and he admitted it. he tried for a spot zone.

if you are in favor of the master plan, you can not be in favor of sonnier because he is asking for a spot zone.

all these uptown people love the master plan -- when its convenient. if you believe in a master, plan, you can not believe sonnier is entitled to a spot zone.

sapir was right on this one!

KamaAina No Longer said...

If y'all are going to run a bunch of zombies, can't you at least dig up Chep Morrison?