Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Damn I have to get up tomorrow...AM in the AM

Hey peeps....I will be making an appearance on Jeff Croure's Ringside Politics tomorrow at 9:30 A.M. That's 990 on the Amplitude Modulation scale.

Incidentally, did you know that when the sun sets, AM frequencies actually start bouncing off the ionosphere and can travel 100's of miles? See, I did learn something in those broadcast journalism classes I took at Ole Miss....that class was in the AM as well, surprised I remember anything from it....but it was taught by David Kellum, "The Voice of the Rebels", so at least the class sounded good....tangential spiral, come back Major Tom....

And also from the AM world...a big thanks for the shout out from Eric Asher and WIST.

Yes I am in a gratuitous linking frenzy but it's so rare that I get any love from the MSM (besides being called a delusional nut), I feel the need to hug them back...and I actually dig both Jeff and Eric's shows, so it's a sincere plug...I mean hug.

uuuuuhhhh....there you go...I have a face for radio.


Xavier said...

will be listening. thanks

Anonymous said...

speaking of am love.. Was that you I heard this am on WBOK taking auditorium/FEMA funds with Geraud?? I only heard a bit but sounded like after your (?) comments, he definitely wanted Juneau soon to give more details. fresh air, new love... bring on the Haitians... seriously. I love that idea!

Xavier said...

u probably are asleep for tomorrow's radio fest but wwltv has new poll results. Landrieu in lead followed by Henry, then Georges, Couhig, Perry, Ramsey.

Now is the time if there are any questions on Henry

my veriword backedan as in I am Troy Henry, and I am backedan when the spotlight comes out. Also applies to Georges but he is not as interesting anymore.

bruthaman1 said...

don't let crouere get away with any of his right wing b.s. that he so often loves to do.

Red said...

you sounded good honey:) you should consider that radio host job they were advertising. you already have a huge following = Mo $$$

oyster said...

Enjoyed the interview, and was glad it lasted more than one segment. Disconcerting to hear the Zombie between worldnutdaily Joseph Farah and then the Savage show... but that's the sort of thing that makes Crouere's show good, in my view. Also, I was glad to hear leigh and james call in.

Good work!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't able to get to hear it all... I thought you were going on at 9:30.

But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE blog about the mayor forum on WIST on now.


is there a podcast?

thanks for keeping the drive alive. : ) .

Lord David said...

Glad to hear you're getting on the waves with Eric Asher.
He's a good dude.
He once put me on the air when I phoned to ask him how he could stand to be on the same station as Neil Bortz, and Mr Asher called him 7 kinds of big fat liar, right on the air.
Keep it going.