Friday, January 15, 2010

Lawsuit Count: 2

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "'You need to go back and do your research..."":

New lawsuit filed against Troy Henry:
Diamond Darren
Henry Troy; Henry Consulting LLC
1/14/2010 2:10-cv-00093C Berrigan
(New Orleans)

I think what's happening is the B3 lawsuit has tipped off other business partners of Henry's that he may have been sucking money out of his business ventures to fund his campaign.

This suit is a breach of contract lawsuit and was filed just yesterday.

Stay tuned, I hope to post the suit in a few minutes.

Here it is:

Darren A. Diamond Vs. Troy A. Henry Consulting, LLC.

And that appears to be what is being alleged:

a) order Troy A. Henry and Henry Consulting, LLC to provide a detailed
accounting of the revenue and expenditures of Henry Consulting, LLC since
April 17, 2009 -- including the payment of distributions, loans, or other
amounts by the company to Troy A. Henry, the use of company assets as
collateral for personal borrowing of Troy A. Henry or his mayoral campaign,
the payment of personal obligations of Troy A. Henry by the company, the
payment of expenses related to the mayoral campaign of Troy A. Henry by
the company, and the use of company employees to perform services for the
mayoral campaign of Troy A. Henry;

Henry Consulting was supposed to buy Diamond out of the company for $1,067,394. HC never paid that amount, and now Diamond is alleging that Henry has diverted the company's assets into his mayoral campaign.


Anonymous said...

If Henry Consulting is worth so much (see this suit) and does so much management consulting work for so many major corporations (see this morning’s Times Picayune bio), how is it possible that Henry Consulting qualifies for certification as a “disadvantaged” business enterprise by the City?* Why isn’t the DBE program geared toward helping struggling businesses which actually need a hand up instead of giving City contracts away to rich guys who use political connections to get their kids Tulane scholarships?

(I can’t give a direct link because the airport’s website sucks, but you can go to, click DBE Program on the left sidebar, click Directories, and check page 57 of the second listed directory to see that Henry Consulting is a “Certified by CNO” DBE)

Anonymous said...

Can you tell us who filed the suit? I want to see if this is legitimate or if this is a political set-up lawsuit which have unfortunately been very common place in Orleans & Jefferson Parish.

Jason Brad Berry said...

This is legitmate, it's Henry's business partner of 15 years.

Anonymous said...


If you want to see who filed the suit, check out the website of Henry Consulting and see them both standing together. Diamond and Henry. Friends for over 20 years.

The deepest cuts are the ones our best friends give us, and Henry cheated his best friend and partner. Diamond did not have to file this suit now. He did it for a reason: to show New Orleans what Troy Henry does to his best friend and business partner....


Anonymous said...

What lawyers are involved on both sides? This is the more important question to ask. Who are the lawyers backing or who have they contributed too?