Wednesday, January 13, 2010

'You need to go back and do your research..."

Those were the marching orders I got from Troy Henry when I asked him about his claim that he was THE President of United Water.

Ok...I took him up on it.

Henry Consulting is currently being sued by their minority business partner, B3, in a joint venture they partnered in called Infinity Fuels, LLC. Infinity Fuels owns eight Shell gas stations in New Orleans and more in other metropolitan areas such as San Francisco and Detroit.

B3 v Henry Consulting

While there are multiple issues against Henry Consulting, including charges by B3 that Henry violated the terms of their contract by going behind their back and soliciting business in other markets independently of Infinity, the primary concern for voters is that B3 is possibly suggesting that Troy Henry misappropriated Infinity's funds and Infinity clients' funds into his mayoral campaign...up to the amount of $395,000.

Here B3 has filed 6 loans Henry gave his campaign as an exhibit:

As well as his personal financial disclosure for his mayoral run:

The specific charge is leveled here in item 22 of Count One: Breach of Contract and Bad Faith:

I contacted the campaign today and requested that they please respond to me so I could ask them about the lawsuit and allegations. I did not receive a reply. I have been in contact with the campaign since my first post but I have no comments from them on the record.

I would like to ask them about this issue, specifically the following questions:

1. Does Mr. Henry plan on complying with the subpoena and providing the financial transactions which prove that he, personally, provided the campaign funds as opposed to the funds being drawn from Henry Consulting, or from Infinity Feuls?

2. Can Mr. Henry verify the source of the funds...the 6 loans amounting to $380,000?

3. Are his campaign reports accurate and did his treasurer sign his last campaign financing report?

4. The 6th and largest loan, $180,000, was not listed in his original campaign finance report which was released after the loan was made. Why?

Now, on top of these financing issues, Henry's personal financial disclosure which is listed in the lawsuit shows a very curious source of income for Henry Consulting:

Ok...I was lambasted for listing the previous contract with the City, which went unpaid, as proof that Henry Consulting had any contracts with the city. I subsequently posted a correction.

But this is a financial disclosure which clearly states a payment from the City...this is not just a contract. Am I wrong again in concluding that Henry Consulting was paid $9,000 from the City of New Orleans?

Or maybe this was paid without an actual contract?


Anonymous said...

Clearly, all of this can lead to only one conclusion: you're a racist.


Anonymous said...

keep up the great work. i wish couhig had a shot.

Anonymous said...

How the hell can anon #1 conclude that you are a racist from this post? I'm so confused! You have certainly wiped the dirt off my mirror, Az. I can see clearly now, the rain is gone!

Thanks for all your hard work and for keeping us informed!

BTW, aren't you in an interracial marriage? How then can you be a racist? Anon #1 may need to do some research!

Jason Brad Berry said...

Isn't it clearly obvious? I am a racist: I am in an interracial marriage: I am a masochist.

You're guess is as good as mine...that was fuzzy math.

Mojofearless said...

Dambala, I'm pretty sure anon was kidding. Isn't that what (j/k) means? Just kidding?

He can't be serious, right?


PS: Thanks for the post on Cine Institute.

Anonymous said...

note the "(j/k)" at the end of post #1. Don't be so priggish!

Nice work on the Henry background. keep it up.

Xavier said...

Excellent, excellent work, Ashe. U r a hero of mine. Can't believe that Henry didn't think this thing through any better than this. I hate that these guys want to oversee an electorate for which they have so little respect. Out 'em all.

Jason Brad Berry said...

You know I think that's fuzzy algebra, not fuzzy math

lady-anonymous said...

Henry: "Oh-oh! The people will know I have no clothes."

Anonymous said...

How is this guy in a position to own one gas station, let alone nine here, some there, etc?

Doe he sell insurance in Jeff Ph or something?

nola joe said...

people! j/k = just kidding.

Unknown said...

Yes, algebra does have imaginary numbers. Am interested in how you found the lawsuit if you can share.

my veriword hotif. Either a fight with your pimp or a juicy rumor

Anonymous said...

Hey, anon 1, I got the joke the first time. I laughed.

Dambala, my hat is off to you. This was fabulous work.

I was bored to see the name "Infinity" again. Can't these crooks think up some new names?

There is no connection to the fake bond company called "Infinity", is there? Does Troy Henry have the same set of friends?

A while ago, Zombie, you said that Henry had friends among the Nagin people, that he was getting the support of a lot of those lousy so-and-so's.

Is that how he ended up with $9000 of City money?

Am I following along correctly? Henry got $9000 of city money, and then probably used that tax payer money to fund his run for Mayor?

What a dirty bird!

Anonymous said...

New lawsuit filed against Troy Henry:
Diamond Darren
Henry Troy; Henry Consulting LLC
1/14/2010 2:10-cv-00093C Berrigan
(New Orleans)

Anonymous said...

Diamond Darren
Henry Troy; Henry Consulting LLC
1/14/2010 2:10-cv-00093C Berrigan
(New Orleans)