Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blanque Check

Virginia signs her political death warrant:

Jay Batt gets endorsement from former rival Virginia Blanque

If she want's to jump in bed with the obnoxious, fat, rich guy because she needed her bar tab paid (that's metaphor people) gotta do watcha gotta do. But the hangover will last forever...that will be the end of her political career or any future chance of getting elected to office.

The irony is I don't think Blanque's voters are gonna vote for Batt anyway...I think all this did was make them disappointed in her.

"To have the support of those who once opposed me is a tremendous statement," Batt said in a prepared statement. "I am both proud and humbled."

Humble ≠ Batt...ever. Proud, I believe....humble....not.

You know the thing that disturbs me more than the actual endorsement is the picture the TP posted with it....Batt has his hand over Mayor-elect Landrieu's heart, and the article is about an endorsement. That was a bad editorial more than implies that Landrieu is supporting Batt. Why would you publish a picture of those two together when the story was about Blanque and Batt? That may even deserve a retraction or explanation....Landrieu has not endorsed Jay Batt in any way. They are in opposing political parties.

I'm not implying conspiracy, I'm saying it was a bad decision.


Anonymous said...

I think the real question is not being asked here. Who is more stupid:

a. Batt for paying off a reported 70k debt and being stupid enough - again (please see "2006 Council Election, Palmisano Sal") - to think anti-Batt votes suddenly become pro-Batt votes in the run-off.

b. Blanque for now FOREVER being the joke that Sal Palmisano is in New Orleans - not just in politics but in the sense that she's now a punchline among neighborhood activists in a city where the majority of its post-Katrina population is made up of neighborhood activists (awkward).

c. All of the above.

And by the way - how stupid do you have to be go in debt 70k to get 16% of the freaking vote in a COUNCIL RACE? My guess is stupid enough to endorse Jay Batt to pay it off. LOL

Anonymous said...

sad. she was alright for a republican. but this is stinky.

Anonymous said...

AZ, a Batt-buddy related question: See the story about the "New Orleans drug kingpin" today? Paul Cattoche a former (until very recently?) Maximo's chef is the guy. Now, I think we know who owns Maximo's, right? If Vinny Mosca ends up being Cattoche's attorney, the elephant in the room just gets too big and obvious to deny.

Anonymous said...

comon guys, do you really think the batt meister is going to loose this one? In order for that to happen Susan has to get the votes she had the first go around plus some of Blanques votes. With nothing else on the ballot how are they going to get the democrats to the polls? Its going to take a get out and vote like no other.

Anonymous said...

Love the zombie nick name. It fits quite well. Imagine what her volunteers think? These people gave up their time in order to help there candidate. Then she sells her soul to the devil, without telling her volunteers. I would be terribly upset. The only good news in this situation is that we now know what a vote costs: About $21.05. I hope that voters really understand what is going on, and don't let Batt buy this election.

Anonymous said...

Jay Batt lost almost the identical election four years ago. He finished second in the primary to yet another political newbie with no name recognition, no campaign finances, and very little going for her aside from not being Jay Batt. So how can he possibly believe that he has a chance here? Shouldn't his "business acumen" tell him to save money and concede?

Jason Brad Berry said...

- comon guys, do you really think the batt meister is going to loose this one? In order for that to happen Susan has to get the votes she had the first go around plus some of Blanques votes. With nothing else on the ballot how are they going to get the democrats to the polls? Its going to take a get out and vote like no other.

I agree with you that she has to turn the vote out. I don't think a lot of people are prepared to go vote just for a council seat. The big difference in the 06 scenario is that Nagin/Landrieu were on the ballot in a runoff and that drove people to the polls.

Here's how I see it...I think it's up to her to win or lose. She has to herd the cats, but if she goes balls to the wall she will win. Batt can't really do anything at this point but react to what she does and even then his hands are somewhat tied.

Batt is an idiot for attacking her in the first race and he'll probably be an idiot this time and attack her again...that only drives votes her way and increases her name recognition.

It's all going to come down to how many anti-Batt voters she turns out on election day.

His diehards are going to show up....she doesn't have diehards she has diehard Batt haters who may or may not show up to vote against him. She's got to round up those voters and remind them of how shitty it would be to have this fucker back in office.

I would say right this very moment, he would win.

But just wait...he can't resist attacking candidates and the moment he does it's going to remind everyone why they hate his fat ass so very much.

If I was Batt, I would run silent, run deep...don't even load the torpedo bay. But he won't do that, it's just not in his nature. The frat boy impulse to scream fuck you will overcome him.

Anonymous said...

If I was Susans campain manager I would be at the print shop ordering one piece that explains to everyone that the batmeister is counting on no one going to the polls to vote for a good cause. It would explain that everyone that voted for her last time HAS to show up again in order to pull it off. Lets show them who the people are. If folks feel like they are about to be betrayed they will get out to vote. Im not a campain manager but just sayin...JD

Anonymous said...

If you don't live in her district but want Batt to lose, consider becoming part of that get out the vote effort.

Call or drop by her campaign office and ask if they need volunteers to drive old folks to the polls or what have you.

I'm not part of her campaign, I just hope Batt loses, and I know that helping with that GOTV effort is a way for people who don't have a vote in that race to help.

Ricardo said...

To volunteer with Susan Guidry's GOTV effort call 303-1614

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone - it's true Jay has gone for broke with getting endorsements. Big deal. Half the people endorsing him are just paying political lip service and when they go behind the curtain they will vote for Guidry! His strong support is actually very, very soft, if it can be deemed as "support" at all. His pompousness is unparalleled in New Orleans City Politics.