Monday, February 15, 2010

I am so jealous


Caring for Pets Left Behind by the Rapture

He's already made over 11k....why didn't I think of this? Man...I'm green with envy.

Check out his blog:

The Atheist Camel

O.k. so as a Voudon follower, I'm obviously not going to be in that number when the rapture rolls around. Here's what I'll do...I will start a legal fund to sue the Atheist Camel for breach of contract if he doesn't actually take care of his client's pets after the rapture.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Well.. it's for sure all the civil attorneys and judges will be left behind with us as well, so your idea does have merit :-)

Anonymous said...

Very funny. I like your idea, too.

The thought of being 'Left Beind' in a world yet more disproportionatly full of lawyers and judges is almost enough to make me want to get Rapture ready.

What a chilling way to start the day. Thanks, anon. That must have been an EVIL :-)

Xavier said...

If I have enough belief to go, then my pets are going with me.

Veriword - peeptu as in my pets are peep to u and to me

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the commentary and thought this blog would be blowing up over the $800,000 grant to Zulu.

Jason Brad Berry said...

but why is the 800k grant even shocking to you? I've been posting about the 200 million dollar revlover fund which has been bled out with little to no accounting and there's been nary a peep. Why is an 800k dump to Zulu more egregious?