Friday, February 05, 2010

I'm rubber you're glue...

Blackface & Gestapo: the last days of the mayoral campaign

“John made a public statement on the issue last night during the debate that he won. On the contrary, we are waiting for Mitch Landrieu to explain himself to the men and women of the New Orleans Police Department after calling them the Gestapo. "

Nanny nanny boo boo....

Translation: John made a baseless denial then stormed off the set and shat a brick, but I'm supposed to keep parroting Landrieu and Gestapo every chance I get.

Come back from the dark side, Helena.


Anonymous said...

John Georges would be a terrible Mayor.

If he dressed in blackface to make old money man-boys like him, that is pitiful.

That he is still denying it and hanging with that Deke crowd as if those things either didn't happen, were no big deal, or la-la-la-la-he-can't-hear-you...that's lame.

We know he was President of the frat. We know the pictures and the complaints about the event are real.

He seemed to be saying that what WASN'T real, Zombie.

The blogger isn't real, so ignore him when he tells the truth.

Dude needs a funny farm stay, if you ask me.

I hope to read more about the casino in Mexico or this business relationship he has with Nagin's friend David White.

The Joe "Aryan" Jaeger connection interests me, too.

Anonymous said...

maybe national DKEs haven't given all the Tulane rogues the Heisman afterall.

Note at bottom Georges fav films Animal House! (.... and Sound of Music?!)


"she asked me why?

i just went on and told her."

cmon now , you can do it johnnie boy!

one of the best songs in the fat possum library topped only by t model ford's " i'm insane"

much e-love to ya ashe.

Colby said...

Normally I wouldn't see Helena Moreno's public career coming back from this, but who knows in this clown college of a town...