Monday, February 08, 2010

is everyone in business together?

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Sieg Heil Jaeger-Master":

Hi, Zombie.

I'm too happy and hungover to work today, so I zoomed over to the SOS site to check out the name "Jaeger".

I plugged that into the spot for the last name of the member or agent, and all SORTS of things came up.

One that interested me was "First Responders Fund", charter number 36489084N

The agent is listed as "Crescent City Corporate Services" with an address that seems REALLY familier, 701 Poydras St., Suite 3600. When I'm more sober I'll go back and check that address.

But the interesting part (to me at least) was that the "First Responders Fund" had three directors listed:

Joseph Jaeger
Stewart Juneau
Irving Mayfield

Have we seen such a direct connection between these people yet?

All of these directors were listed at the 233 Newton Address that is also:

Blaine Kern's Mardi Gras World
Mardi Gras World Services
the Kern's Sculpture LLC

and something called

"Euphrosine Properties LLC"

... which might be a neat thing to look up in the Notarial Archives. Maybe Sparky could get another interesting map out of it.

Is this new information for this blog, or am I just drunk and slow? It would be cool if it was helpful.

The Poydras address is just a law office, but the fact that they were all connected in business dealings is interesting.


Frolic said...

Could the First Responders Fund be the charity that Blaine Kern set up as a beneficiary of the Krewe de Boo?

It does seem like everyone is connected. You start digging in those SOS records, and it's amazing what you'll find.

Anonymous said...


Did i miss the sarcasm in the question? Of course they are, this is New Orleans. In our defense, every other city has the same thing going on, our corruption is more apparent because it used to be more out in the open.

It's why we didn't get the casinos and they went to Biloxi, same crap different business deal.

Anonymous said...

Yeah well...I don't really look longingly at Biloxi and think to myself "wow, what did we miss?"

Anonymous said...

Fwiw, there's a picture of Joe Jaeger with Barry & Blaine Kern on

Anonymous said...

Yes, the First Responders Fund runs "Krewe of Boo." It is essentially a party fund for Blaine Kern as no money has actually gone from the First Responders Fund to actual first responders, but they've thrown some kick-ass parties with the donations!