Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Like Father, Like Son

New Orleans Saints parade ferry waits shorter for some public officials

How appropriate, Jeff Arnold put blue lights on his head and ran to the front of the line.

Folks, just remember this the next time you vote...and thank you for remembering it when you voted in District C.

And let's not forget that his father, Tom, is on the CCCD which operates those ferries. More to come on the CCCD on Humid Beings.


Anonymous said...

Did you hear robinette's program a few days ago where he brings the georges / dke issue up in the context of why he only trusts the "main media"?

That was awesome....

Jason Brad Berry said...


Anonymous said...

Arnold's explanation is a fabrication. They let on Arnold and his family and the five or six of us on bicycles on the ferry - not 30 people as Arnold stated. Never saw anyone in a wheelchair. Arnold's actions actually endangered people. Once those standing in line saw Arnold and his group head down the car ramp, about 150 of those waiting followed him. The car ramp was packed with people - a very dangerous situation. The ferry engineer and two Crescent City Connection police would not let anyone through the barricade at the foot of the car ramp unless you had a bicycle or were part of the Arnold entourage. I boarded the ferry right after Arnold.

bayoustjohndavid said...

Well, I can understand giving Arthur Lawson's son special treatment, they were probably afraid to not let him cut in line.

Anonymous said...

Anybody see this poster on nola?

From the poster:
Hundreds protest as Arthur Lawson's son jumps the queue of others who waited 4 hours at Gretna ferry

As more than 1,000 citizens wait for more than 4 hours at the Gretna ferry to go to the Saints parade, Arthur Lawson ordered Officer No 137 to put his son and 4 female companions at the front of the line despite shouts of "That's not fair" by more than 200 citizens. The same officer, Officer 137, separated a family allowing the wife and one son to board the ferry while requiring the husband and another son to stay behind.

When irate citizens questioned Lawson's son, he taunted the crowd stating that he was glad he was at least warm inside the ferry and that the citizens should not complain because they got across too.

The profile picture depicts Lawson's son facetiously waving to the crowd.

We protest the special treatment given to this politician's son when many hundreds of people had to wait more than 4 hours to cross.

Arthur Lawson Make It Right!!! Have your son issue a public apology.

Anyone else who witnessed this and wants to protest, call your Jefferson Parish council person, Lawson's office, and the Crescent City Connection police department