Friday, February 12, 2010

Longing for Chaos

Mardi Gras parade cancellation by Krewe of Chaos may be most disappointing to float artists

Chaos is by far my favorite Krewe and Parade. The Chaos/Muses Thursday night combo is the best line up of Carnival. Sucks that we won't get to see those floats, I'm sure it would have been a great show this year with so much political fodder to pull from.

Mardi Gras won't be the same without you, Chaos.


Adrastos said...

The floats are great. I've seen them because their den is near my house and they let me peek last week.

Jason Brad Berry said...

I wonder if anyone will release pictures...I would really like to see them before they're wiped out.

Anonymous said...

considering the recent AZ-comments debate regarding Georges and the DKEs and racial insensitivity.. are you cool w/ Chaos being a descendant of Momus, which stopped parading rather than open their membership to integration?

Jason Brad Berry said...

I've heard a lot of debate about whether or not they actually are descendants of Momus and Comus. I in no way support the racial history of either of those Krewes...fuck them.

I've never seen direct racial connotations from Chaos parades and I view them as a mutually exclusive entity from Momus/Comus...maybe I'm naive and I will admit my ignorance in the matter.

I've always appreciated Chaos' floats and their lampooning of political figures...if there is a history of racism in that Krewe I wasn't aware of it, and I'd appreciate any light you may shed on it.

The other point I want to make is that Chaos isn't running for mayor and claiming to be "The African-American Candidate" or the only one who can "bridge the racial divide."

I called out Georges on the Deke issue mainly because I wanted to see if he would take responsibility for it or if he would lie and deny.....he chose the latter. If he really wanted to bridge the racial divide in this city he had an opportunity to take responsibility and atone for that organization's actions which were a blight on both Tulane's history and the entire city's history. I think John's motivation was not to lead a city, but "to be Mayor".

If he was serious about affecting change...if anyone is serious about affecting must first take responsibility for that which you seek to better. He obviously wasn't ready to take responsibility for the discussion.

In fact, I think he still has an opportunity, post-election, to address the issue but I seriously doubt he will.