Friday, February 12, 2010

Zero to none...

...the odds that Jindal pursues his notion of eliminating the Lt. Gov. position.

Jay Dardenne announces candidacy for lieutenant governor

Dardene takes Lt. Gov. seat, with little challenge....Georges, don't waste any more of your money. Jindal runs for V.P. on ticket with Gingrich in 2012. This leaves a very good chance that Dardene ascends into the Governor's seat as I have serious doubts that Obama can pull off a second term.

Bottom line....if health care reform fails, Obama goes down with it. So far he's lived up to none of his campaign promises, Gitmo is still open, he actually escalated war efforts, he's now promoting coal and nuclear power...the list goes on. Now he's pandering to Wall Street and the corporate much for delivering us from the Bush agenda. he even running a campaign or just going through the motions?

Roger Villere and the LA. Repubs have to be feeling pretty good when they gaze into the crystal ball.


Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

It's going to be Jindal VP with Haley Barbour, who opened his Iowa office Last Spring.
Misunderestimate Haley Barbour at your peril.

I call it:
Babar/Zephir 2012 - The Empire Strikes Back

Clay said...

Random Benetech sighting:

Anonymous said...

Haley Barbour? Even Wolf Blitzer's big screen tv isn't large enough to portray all of Haley's jowls.

Jason Brad Berry said...

yeah i gotta agree with anon. I've been hearing this Haley Babour buzz for a while, but I also heard a lot of Mitt Romney buzz back in 2006.

I think the RNC goes with the safest bet they have and I think that's Gingrich.

oysterboy said...

With respect to Obama, I believe there are some major accomplishments, a great deal of progress towards others and some disappointments. His major problem, and obstacle to actually completing more of his agenda, is that he attempted bipartisanship with some of the lowest forms on the political species list. I'm not sure that any of the other candidates could or would have attempted more, though they might have met with less resistance on some issues.

If you look at the record of the 110th congress, I think it says a speaks volumes to the unique political environment caldron into which Obama was cast.:

Even moving the meter on any of the large divisive issues (health care, Gitmo, don't ask don't tell) will take major legislative support, and the restoration of some congressional democratic balls which seem to have shrunken to the size of raisins, or disappeared all together.

He won't go down if the full health care bill isn't passed; as they'll end up passing one or more smaller partial bills and dems and pubs will claim victory for passing and obstructing respectively.

I also think it's important to keep in mind that never before has a sitting U.S. president been napalmed with such viciousness and disregard for fact and reality. What's even more disturbing is that MSM has pretty much sat by and given outright and obvious lies and misinformation "equal time" in the debate.

I guess I'm trying to keep things in perspective, and I want a lot of things accomplished in my own very progressive agenda, but I realize that political will isn't enough, especially these days ... the most important things will take time, strategy, sometimes forcefulness/sometimes nuance and political savvy will have to be used to neutralize obstructionist. I think that Obama has changed his tactics in that regard, and we've seen some of that over the past few weeks.

Finally, much of what Obama has accomplished and experienced his first year in office is fairly similar to another U.S. president:

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Thank you for not printing my last comment. I was moving from Grey Goose through Stinky Gringos and things just got outta hand.

But to return to The Empire Strikes Back...
I have to agree with your safety assessment, Ashe. Our Child-Governor is damaged goods, despite his obvious tact to represent the "Smart Sane Christian" Conservative Budget Exorcist...while Newt practically founded the Nixon Clinic for Shameless Image Rehabilitation. (NCSIR)
I sense that the Android Republicants are rightfully afraid of Christians of any strap right now, replicator envy perhaps. They need an AfterBirther Control Pill. Hail Newt.
Soooo Babar would fill the bill for Solid Southern Post Katrina Republican Gubernatorial Success Story. The Man's Rolodex is bigger than God's much less a piddly Newt. Haley was topping kings when Newt was still trying to figure out how to masturbate at a lecturn.
Haley Barbour is really good at this stuff.

As for those Jowls, Anon, you may have a point, yet they are also usually framed by the biggest dickso collars I've seen since the 70s. Like, he got his fashion sense off of Welcome Back Cotter or some'ting.

I can't do the Politics like y'all, but Haley Barbour has become something of a "character study" for me for some time, since at least '84, but particularly after he stitched up MS after Katrina rent her veil. (And I mean that in the Political as well as the constituent sense.)

Ashe, I hope you enjoyed that enough to post. No gratuitous profanity or ranting on and on about the next hurricane.
Thanks youz

Anonymous said...

I loved the last two posts. Thanks.

Please, Lord, do not give Jindal any larger political role than he already has. The bad ties alone are not to be borne.

If we have to have republicans, I want the guys from redstateupdate.