Sunday, March 07, 2010

Can I find an honest bartender... give me the tab?

I'm trying to create a running tab of what Nagin may have spent the entire 200 million dollar revolver fund on. Here's what I have so far:

Mahalia Jackson: 18 million
Chevron Building Purchase: 8 to 10 million?
MWH: 4.75 million
Hagerty: 950k
TDC: 925k

That's about 35 million. Can anyone out there help me fill in the remaining 165 million?

A couple of possible expenditure candidates:

Municipal Auditorium - I hate to think Nagin would have moved forward on this project without the consent of City Council, but it's possible he already stroked a check to Juneau and posse. If so, that could be 10, 20, 30 million or more. I don't think it's likely but you never know with this administration.

Ciber - they got an unexplained 6 million dollar check before their contract was permanently terminated in December. I'm wondering if Nagin ascribed that money to the revolver fund.


Anonymous said...

Can we try these people for treason?

Anonymous said...

The $165M bought C. Ray a job somewhere, believe dat.

Anonymous said...

Ciber...yeah, that makes sense.

I wonder if Letten will wait to see where Nagin and the Naginites land after leaving office/getting fired by Mitch, and then fish around to see if any of the money went to those companies to buy the evildoers their new jobs?

M Styborski said...

Have you tried asking Veronica White?

Anonymous said...

Nagin's VA land deal?

Jason Brad Berry said...

I can't see it being the VA deal, but I suppose it's possible.

Anonymous said...

You're probably way too low on MWH. Their fees are way, way more than $4 million -- 8% of the total spent by the city on every project, including a lot of CDBG.