Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In case you were feeling exceptionally important today

Here's a gratuitous existential moment to destroy your ego:


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Zombie! Heading into my 10th month unemployed. Good to know that in the grand scheme of things it really matters not. Just gotta keep on keepin' on. Thanks for the stress reliever!
- Mother Mary

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Nothing focuses the mind like the Existential Quantifier.

Reminds me of the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, how we're in a sorta backward area primarily suitable for an Inter-stellar Hyper-spatial Expressway. And, well, fuck us if we didn't see it on the official notice at Galactic Central Highway Planning.

Actually, Vernor Vinge writes on a scale I think you would enjoy. I particularly liked "Deepness in the Sky" and "Fire Upon the Deep".
Therein is the notion that if civilizations do not evolve the ability to travel much faster than the speed of light, past a 100 light years bubble, they will simply contract into entropy.
Happens all da'time.
But in the meantime...they leave artifacts.

Anonymous said...

That was great, many thanks! I just picked up a book from my fav thrift "Design for Dying" by T. Leary/ a really interesting book...basically about possibilities of where home is. I would also recommend" Horton Hears a Who".

Anonymous said...

Dr. Seuss would SO be against the Nagin administration.

They had brains in their heads.

They had feet in their shoes.

They could have steered themselves any direction they choosed.